Big Show Should Knock Out Stephanie

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Lockard 23, Sep 17, 2013.

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  1. I'd love it if when Big Show finally reaches his breaking point and throws a Knockout Punch someone's way, he throws it at Stephanie instead of Triple H. Imagine HHH/Steph are both standing in the ring ordering him to knock someone out, and it doesn't matter who. He holds up his fist like he's gonna knock the person out and is clearly struggling emotionally with the decision (like he's done seconds prior to knocking out Daniel Bryan and Dusty Rhodes) but then he lets out a roar and then turns to his left and knocks Stephanie the fuck out, much to the shock of HHH and the entire 'WWE Universe.'

    Stephanie has been tormenting Big Show arguably more than HHH has because she not only has forced him to knock someone out as well, but reminded him that men his size don't statically live as long as others and also revealed to a live audience that he's broke and needs to work for WWE in order to make a living. It'd be interesting to finally put her down to the shock of HHH and then tell HHH during the build to their match that "I'm gonna knock you out cold just like I did your wife." HHH wouldn't fire him for doing it either because he would want revenge on him so bad.

    Of course they won't go this route, as PG doesn't really allow male-on-female violence unless it's maybe accidental, and it might not be apart of Big Show's character to do it anyway (especially with her being his "12 year old friend.") So it'll be HHH receiving the Knockout Punch to the surprise of Stephanie. I just think it'd be more interesting if they surprised people and went the other way with it.
  2. He'd just end up crying afterwards.

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  3. I figure the closest we'll probably get to it is him knocking her out accidentally. When Show/HHH eventually wrestle at a PPV (probably Survivor Series), he'll go for the Knockout Punch and HHH will duck and he'll accidentally hit Stephanie. He'll be so horrified at what he just did that he'll start crying and kneel down to see if she's OK and then HHH will take advantage and hit a low blow/Pedigree combination on him to win. Then he'll probably be forced to apologize to her a week later (she'll sell it as being so devastating that she won't show up to Raw the next night) or something. Meh.
  4. Uh, no. Steph would probably take it on the chin like a champ anyway then just fire his stupid ass because she's the best.

    Steph no selling a Big Show KO punch would be the greatest moment in television history.
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  5. I suppose it could be a good moment in a certain context, but they'd probably screw it up with Show being a crybaby afterwards. And it'd be used to build HHH/Show of all matches. In itself it's not a bad idea though.
  6. That wont happen as its not PG and also it would give WWE bad press showing a man hitting a woman

  8. Actually, I think it would be neat if The Big Show picked her up and deposited her in one of those big trash dumps, and the camera would pan away to show her feet wiggling.
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