Big Show to be Cena's replacement at Hell in a Cell

Discussion in 'RAW' started by arianna, Sep 24, 2012.

  1. Yes! John needs rest.

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  2. No! John should defeat CM Punk.

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  1. Source: Examiner
  2. I thought Cena was going to be okay for HIAC?
  3. They said it may be a rumor.
  4. No... please... no. Make a tournament or something, give some midcard babyface a shot with a story that it's their big chance or something, but don't give me Punk and Show together.
  5. Seems more likely to be Ryback than Show after last night. I heard that Show was supposed to feud with Sheamus. The only way I would be happy with Show vs Punk would be for a finger poke of doom style swerve where Show joins Punk and Heyman.
  6. John Cena's replacement at HIAC will be.....

    Show Spoiler
    John Cena
  7. I've said this like 60 times on here but no one listens. Thank god for Dolph's.
  8. At least someone recognizes my worth around here.
  9. Slightly out of context but sure. :pity1:
  10. If it were a cooler user saying such a quote I would have instantly sig'd it. Since it was just you doe I'm only considering it
  11. It'll be Cena. If they wanted Cena to take a rest, they probably would've done a storyline where Punk takes out Cena for over 6 weeks, misses HIAC PPV and naming a new contender.
  12. Just seen the poll options lmao.
  13. the poll choices suck lol.

    big show is who id expect to replace him. him or randy orton
  14. Hey, I'm with y'all two.
  15. Well, this is invalid since *SD SPOILER*

    Show Spoiler
    it'll be Big Show vs Sheamus at HIAC PPV.
  16. Oh shit, what a shocker!
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