Big Show vs Cena: Worst Feud of All Time?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Snowman, May 27, 2012.

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  1. It's a little premature to say this since we've only had a week of build, but I'm already convinced that this is the worst feud of all time. Lets dissect this from every angle:

    -Big Show: He was publically humiliated by John Laurinaitis on Raw, then comes back to help him at the PPV. He said that why he's helping him was "a secret" or something, but that seemed like a lazy way to close this little plot hole that it makes no sense for him to want to go from being in tears, on his knees, humiliated for the world to see, to happily helping that guy out just for the sake of a contract. The full personality switch just doesn't seem right. Plus, he has no reason to hate Cena other than that Ace told him to.

    -Johnny Ace: The tyrant General Manager was able to bribe Big Show with his job to be his right-hand man, that's fine, but what does he have against Cena? Is he so pissed that Cena beat Brock that he's holding a grudge for 2 months (or more) because of it? And how is Cena able to commit a "firable offense" every week and wind up scot-free...

    -John Cena: As mentioned before, he has no reason to hate either of these people other than simple attacks that weren't about anything more than... him being John Cena, I guess? Apparently that's bad.

    -The fans: These guys feuded in 2009, and it was a good feud based on the submission match and that Cena couldn't log in the STF. It was interesting enough to be eager to see if he could do it on after the match (not buy the PPV), and when I got the DVD it took me a while to even bother watching the match, and when I did it was a catastrophe. That was with an actual feud, and this time both characters are much more stale. We've seen Cena AA Show and lock in the STF already (yeah, casual fans may not have, but many of them have probably heard about it and they won't be the ones buying PPV's) so the shock-and-awe factor is gone.

    Lets ignore all the other gaping plotholes and massive logic gaps, not overanalyze it, and simply look at the basics. Has there been any feud that's worse than this?
  2. I suppose you're only taking serious feuds in consideration, right?
  3. Yeah, nothing involving Santina Marella, for example.
  4. Well, there have probably been worse feuds, but none come to my mind right now, so until I remember another bad one, this will be the worst. :burns:
  5. Every Big Show feud is equally as bad.
  6. This time round is worst than the last one with all the cheating with vicky and stuff.
  7. From a match/promo perspective, oh hell yeah.
    But with most of his feuds the writers at least show a little effort! Even if it is basic "Unstoppable Force vs Immovable Object" booking.
  8. Yes, it doesn't really make sense, it was obvious that he was going to interfere, but they couldn't find a way to explain it coherently. Typical Creative.
  9. Nope. The show and mcMahon feud was decent. Even know it had DX init. :dawg:
  10. Most of them are bad.
  11. Zues vs Hogan
  12. Even though Big Show is better as a heel then as a face he is so god damn boring. It is literally funnier to watch paint dry.
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