Big show?

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  1. Big show is the number one contender for the worlds heavy weight championship and my only thought is WHAT IN THE FACT ACTUAL :dafuq: ?

    Sure he's had a semi good run as a heel but to put him in the title scene yet again is a horrible idea. He's old slow and drags down match quality. When ever a big show match is on i change the channel.

    Mark henry had a better MOnster Heel run than Show this recent push of Big show is becoming sad. I'd rather he just retire and gtfo ring and off my t.v.

    I'll take Kane over Big show any day. :yes:
  2. A thread dedicated to Big Show? Only one man may express my opinion on this.......
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    It is pretty boring though, he went from one world championship to another, I think they'll just use him to beat Sheamus in a match that'll make Sheamus look tough as fuck, then Ziggler will cash it on Show. I can't see them really going any further then that, or this whole thing would be complete shit and a waste of time, since they time leading up to it will be boring as bread anyways.
  3. Agreed Big show should be nothing more than a transitional champion to get over younger talent ie Dolph like you stated. That would be a good scenario Big show winning his final title match and then losing it minutes later to Dolph.

    Sheamous had a long enough run now he can go back to being heel chasing the title where he does his best work.

    I am expecting a huge pay out from this storyline having to watch Big show every week is torture. :urm:
  4. This will be bearable as long as it ends with DZ as the WHC. If it doesn't, well, I think I expressed my thoughts well in the last thread about this.
  5. Tbh, I don't think the match will be so bad.
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  8. Show is boring. We all have seen it this week on Main Event of SmackDown.
  9. I miss that motherfucker
  10. Agreed like i said we need a huge pay out for having Show drag down match and promo quality with his presence.

    Big show is just unbearable i'd rather watch a Kelly kelly match than Big show..

    Btw she got released...damn and she never learned to run the ropes :downer:


    Trust me it will be big Show bad...see what i did there?

    :isee:---<<<---He knows what i am talking about.


    :dawg: LMAO @ the gif.

    I was trying to give him some credit we all know Big show has done horrible in his current run.

    He tried to pull a Mark henry and failed miserably :lol1:

    No Show just :gtfo: :yes:


  11. big show just seems like a logical choice as he can easily look like a big threat
  12. These are going to be a painful couple of weeks worth of terrible promos.
  13. Finishing off the title "needs to stay away from WWE".
  14. A big slow cringe worthy matches and boring promos threat. Sure :regal:


    :mog: Those words are so true.


    Boring isn't even the word for how ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ worthy Show is he's not scary he just looks scary out of shape. :yuno: