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  1. I didn't know, is this spoiler or not, but whatever. Wanted to ask, as when Big Show is "back" in WWE now, and he wanted a WWE title match at Survivor Series. Wanted to ask you guys, do you think Big Show is gonna take the title, or Orton is gonna win, and Big Show has no more storyline for now ?
  2. I'm predicting Show/Orton leads to Show/HHH, which then leads to Show/Kane at Wrestlemania.

    Many think Kane will cost Show the championship against Orton, leading to Big Show running through Kane and then finally getting his hands on Triple H. But then once that's over, where does Big Show go from there? Show/HHH is obviously not being saved for Mania, and since Kane will still be aligned with the Authority by then and Show still in conflict with them, saving Show/Kane for Wrestlemania gives them both something to do there. Kane costs Show the match against HHH, which then leads to Show/Kane and also Bryan/HHH for Mania, with HHH getting heat and making himself look superior by going over Show.

    An alternate idea I had is Big Show winning the title from Orton and then dropping it to Triple H, which leads to Bryan winning the Rumble and then challenging and defeating HHH for the belt at Mania (and Show/Kane can still happen at Mania in this scenario.)
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  3. Well, for starters, the_hoff is NOT amused by Show more than likely getting the title shot. Will he win? BWAHAHAHAHAHA, NO! HHH will screw him, or there's gonna be some sort of screwy finish, seeing as how much the E LOVES screwy finishes. :pity2: best 4 business
  4. What we think doesn't really matter; 99.9% of this stuff is thought out months in advance, with a 'backdoor' feature in case something unforseen happens(like if Big Show blows his top and hit Triple H in the head to hard , and Triple H's head explodes into a bloody mess.) WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!
  5. HHH winning the belt again would make me mark for sure. I figured a triple threat TLC at TLC (duh) where HHH double crosses Orton.
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