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  1. It appears he wasn't on SmackDown (unless he was a lumberjack, which I doubt) so how do you think this angle with him & Bryan is going to turn out?
  2. I've got a feeling it will be..

    Bryan will keep blaming Show, Show will snap and get a DQ in a match with Bryan, in which Bryan will get injured and Mark Henry will use that to get the title back.

    I'm sure Mark Henry will be involved again, as he still wants a title match.
  3. He had a dark match with Bryan if that means anything at all. So I think he's just selling his emotional distress of knocking AJ over.
  4. I'm just hoping it doesn't end with a Big Show title reign. I'd personally love it for Bryan to cleanly beat Show at Rumble but don't let go of the lebell lock, just keep it locked in selling his "emotional pain". Not going to happen though.
  5. I can actually see them giving Show the title. I know it's the classic story babyface gets screwed out of the title and wins it back but it doesn't help anyone. Even Show looks crap in the end because he's beat a man half his size.
  6. The fact he had a 45 second reign also makes me think we will see a Show reign eventually... if he's heel it's sort of better, if not, ugh.
  7. I would personally like to see a Ziggler WHC reign.. Not Henry, Bryan, or Slow.
  8. I think Dolph will get a run with one of the world titles this year. He seems to be primed to main event post mania.
  9. Agreed.

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