Big Show

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Tombstone Piledriver, Dec 20, 2011.

  1. Do you think he will become heel? Looked like a heel preview Yesterday.
  2. Hopefully so, If he's going to stay around he's atleast bearable as a heel. Hopefully he puts Bryan over. Making someone as big as show, both in size and credibility tap out would be huge to get him over with the mainstream audience.
  3. As said above, hope so. If I had it my way Bryan would of cashed in on Henry, but since he's legit injured they gave it to Show. If he's a heel that just dominates week in week out I won't watch. I'd just watch the PPV's to see Bryan win there, but 4 straight PPV WHC matches is just so boring (with big show in them).

    But yeah, he's more bearable as a heel, it'll push Bryan even further, but don't make it a 2 month feud.
  4. He is, yes. Confirmed.
    I wish he wasn't though, he's only just came back from 'injuries' and I legit. like Big Show :emoji_slight_frown:
  5. Do you not think you'll enjoy him as a heel? I just found his face run so boring, hypocritical and too strong. He was squashing people. My opinion though, I can see why he's liked. A friendly giant is always an appealing character.

    You wanting Bryan over Big Show or Big Show to go over Bryan?
  6. I just like characters to be faces, all of them. Like when I see them shaking hands it sends tingles down my spine, even thought it's scripted etc.

    Bryan > Show.
  7. Wow I'm shocked. It's very rare to see a "smark" cheer the faces, glad to see it man. I'm the opposite to you, I like a traditional shock heel turn. The good old sick sadistic heels. The monster heels like Kane. Both of Kanes appearances this month give me the tingles down my spine that you get when faces shake hands :emoji_wink:.

    Nice to see variety :emoji_slight_smile:.
  8. Yeah, I like Kane as a heel simply because he's busting John Cena open by strangling him on the Announce desk, WTF? How do you bleed off that? :/
  9. Lol pushed his hand in his face, I guess he caught his lip on his teeth. Made the segment good though lol crowd popped for it.
  10. I guess, haha :emoji_slight_smile: