Big Sis is Pi**ed! - Electra Jamison vs Haley Davidson

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    Big Sis is Pissed!

    Johnny Ringo has had a number of girls flake out the last few months for his new Female Wrestling Channel promotion. Many ladies agreed to show up, and then at the last second, called and no showed with no explanation. This happened an amazing and astounding 10 times.

    Johnny knew he had to get a match going for his members. So, he invited Electra Jamison to compete for a spot to be one of the first 8 girls to compete for the first ever Female Wrestling Channel championship. Johnny knows he is risking making Monroe Jamison angry by bringing her sister on board, but it is a risk he is willing to take, as he feels that Electra Jamison has big time potential.

    According to Electra.............she was simply stopping by to try to talk her sister out of wrestling on Episode 10. She wasn't looking to do this, but Johnny talked her into it, as he sets her up against Haley Davidson for this matchup.

    Haley Davidson is still looking for her first win and states that she is not going to be the "whipping girl" for the other ladies. Haley has faced consecutive losses from Monroe, Bella Mamacita, and then Monroe again. Electra is looking to get some more experience, as the only match she ever had in her life, was her match against her sister in Episode 10.

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    Also.................did you miss?


    Monroe's Riding High!

    Monroe Jamison is riding high. Haley Davidson challenged her on the last episode and lost decisively 3 falls to 1 fall. Monroe is feeling pretty good that she has beaten every female on the current roster thus far..............except..................her good friend Bella Mamacita. Bella comes over and pays Monroe a visit while congratulating her on her recent victories.

    The spicy Bella Mamacita doesn't wait long to drop the bomb...........that namely.............Monroe Jamison has defeated every girl on the roster EXCEPT HER. The two ladies go toe to toe and start to set the mats up for an impromptu matchup. However, Monroe doesn't like the idea of Bella stealing her glory, and attacks her before the match even begins!

    One of these two ladies is left out cold on the mat and you can be sure this is going to lead to future fireworks...............

    ** This is one of our few scripted video stories and the outcome is predetermined **

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    And, yet another very recent update.....................


    Here comes Haley, Again!

    Haley Davidson is at it again. She got a surprise training session with The Phoenix recently and is now feeling extremely confident. Haley has been watching Monroe from a distance and isn't too impressed with her new "Monroe Jamison Celebrity Challenge" that she is promoting. Haley still pictures the weak and fragile Monroe from her younger days...........and still is in shock that Monroe beat her so easily in their very first wrestling encounter.

    Johnny Ringo informs Monroe that Haley is wanting to face her again. Monroe is very much up to the challenge and is relishing the opportunity to keep Haley from ascending the Female Wrestling Channel ladder.

    This is first to 3 falls competitive matchup and follows the Female Wrestling Channel Rules.

    See the Video Preview for this Matchup:

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