News Big star booked to face Cena at MITB

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    :yes: Thank god! I pray that Bryan will get the title and bring out the best in Cena like Punk and HBK can, This sounds like it will be awesome! Danielson must be very happy!
  2. What's the source?

    Holy crap if this is true then I can not wait for MITB - again.
  3. Added source.
  4. Pwinsider is also reporting that a longer summer push is planned.
  5. If PWInsider said so then :yay:
  6. The feeling is that officials won’t try to turn Bryan heel but that may change. - Quality Journalism at it's finest.
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  7. Not going to get too excited it'll depend on if Cena decided to be a lazy mofo and that's if it happens.
  8. You want to know why I'm not happy? Sure this is GREAT for DB and HE deserves it, but if you had rollins, ambrose, bryan, and 2 other quality stars, the MITB could easily be 5 stars.
  9. What do you mean? Bryan vs Cena in the ME of Summerslam is awesome right? You want more people into the match?
  10. That would be better tbh
  11. Please god let this be true, I'm going to MITB and this will make the whole PPV for me.

  12. If Cena is motivated it'll be better than his matches with Punk, that's the scary thing. Bryan works better as the underdog with a technical side and when forced to work Cena connects better than anyone, especially in enemy territory. This will be a 5* match IMHO, I understand where you're coming from with the MITB but Bryan pulliing a classic out with Cena is better than a great MITB IMO.
  13. I mean that i'd prefer to see him in the actual MITB match just because of how awesome it could be if the right stars are in it.
  14. I hope you're right, either way i'm super amped for MITB. I can't wait for the next couple of ppvs. WWE is starting to not suck for me again.
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  15. Cena could turn up not give a monkeys and Bryan would rip a five star match out of him. This is huge. Bout time as well jeez WWE only took over a year to realise how over Bryan is despite what u make him do.
  16. I would much prefer DB in the main event than another MITB match. Sure, the rest can go in that match, but DB deserves this spotlight.
  17. Of course he does, but I was just talking about how great of a match we could see if all those guys I mentioned plus a few others were invovled. I probably shouldn't have said i'm not happy, because if he actually wins that match i'll mark out like i'm 12 again.
  18. If it even happens :please:
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