Royal Rumble Big star winning 2014 Royal Rumble?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Crayo, Oct 2, 2013.

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  2. I doubt it... Bryan won't win the Rumble.
  3. I love this it.... a sub-6foot white guy with a beard and dark brown hair.... entering the rumble ...picking #1... lasting an hour... and winning the rumble... then going on to a WM main event against Trips ... in an anniversary Mania no less

    It's totally unprecedented ...especially if they gave us what we all want and threw the best ring performer the 'E' has in Dolph Ziggler into the match..... What could go wrong?

    It's not like this same same exact scenario occurred exactly 10 years ago or anything like that... on that note I hope Bryan and Brie Bella have a long beautiful life together
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  4. Lol at these Royal Rumble reports. Such bullshit honestly, not to say there isn't a chance DB will win it, but anybody can pick a top superstar and say, "There has been talk *insert name here* will win the Royal Rumble because *insert reason here*". Not to say it isn't good for discussion or anything, but I highly doubt they got out of their way to ask around.

    Anyways, I wouldn't mind seeing Daniel Bryan win the Royal Rumble, as said many times he's good for the underdog role. Seeing him chase after the champion until Wrestlemania is a great way to use him, if they do choose to use him in this role.
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  5. Dusty Rhodes will obviously win and face Khali and 'Swoggle for the WWE Title at 'Mania.
  6. Don't even joke about that :eww:
  7. I will.:happy:
  8. That'd be pretty good. Suppose HHH is winning the belt then :lol1:
  9. i think the royal rumble should go to a jobber.
    Imagine if tatsu won
    youd all be shocked
    It would be awesome
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  10. Please don't joke about this, he doesn't need another belt!
  11. Being a big Bryan mark, I'd love it if he won the rumble. However, to be honest, I doubt he'll win, because if the rumors are true that CM Punk is going to be put in the WWE Championship picture after this Heyman stuff, I'd see CM Punk winning the Royal Rumble over Bryan because they may do Punk/Bryan at Mania for the WWE Title (It's a long shot, but it is just a theory)
  12. Imagine that main event, It would be a big draw because both Punk and Bryan can pull merch sales very well and a 30 minute plus match would be epic.
  13. :lol1: Would love that. Would be like Santino winning in 2011 instead of ADR. Dat underdog story.

    Would prefer someone less predictable/an elevating midcarder, but the demise of the World Title pretty much prevents that. Still if you have the Corporation keep Bryan out of the title scene for the rest of the year just for him to win the Rumble as his way to stick it to HHH and earn his own title shot it could make for a really good story... crap, I'm fantasy booking again.

    Yay, woo, good match and stuff!
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