Spoiler Big surprise at house show, possible injury?

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  1. Post below regards a title change, carry on at your will.

    WWE has acknowledged the NXT Championship change at tonight’s house show in Lowell, Massachusetts. The company announced:

    Samoa Joe defeated Finn Bálor to capture the NXT Championship at a Live Event Thursday night in Lowell, Massachusetts, WWE.com has confirmed. Joe’s victory put an end to Bálor’s record-breaking reign as NXT Champion. The Demon won the title on July 4, 2015, and held it for 292 days, surpassing the mark set by Neville in 2014.

    Now that Samoa Joe has finally snared NXT’s top prize, what will the destroyer have in store for anyone who dares to step up and challenge him? How will Finn Bálor handle this setback?

    In addition, reports from the show suggest that Balor may have suffered an ankle injury at the show. Wrestling Inc reports that according to those in attendance, Balor appeared to roll his ankle and seemed “clearly hurt” when he came up. The ref threw up the X and Joe won the title a minute later. It isn’t sure if this is an angle or a legit injury.

    Source: 411Mania

    Should've just happened at Takeover: Dallas. Also, think that Balor's is an angle due to a possible last minute call up in the works. Then again, he did injure his ankle not too long ago. So I dunno.
  2. I totally agree that this should have happened at Takeover. At the very least a normal episode of NXT. I'm assuming we will see him called up soon as long as he's not injured too badly.
  3. Added the video, guessing he'll get the call up now. Probably after Luke and Karl screw over AJ, they shouldn't pull the trigger any earlier than that. Sucks though, would much rather AJ be the heel over Balor.
  4. So dumb that they did this at live event over Takeover just because they wanted Balor to break the record.
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  5. It's genius.
    A big reason house show attendance for WWE is down is because there is no intrigue. main roster titles never change hands on house shows (I can think of one occurrence since 2000).

    This creates intrigue. If a title can change hands on a house show, then what else can happen there?
    This is going to make people keep coming to the house shows.
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  6. ^Same reason Ambrose has been going over Triple H at the recent shows. You'd never expect him to work the house circuit.
  7. At the same time, we all know it is probably going to be the last change for a housr show in a long time.
  8. At the same time, I was thinking they are protecting the demom but as many people said, what is the demon except some cool paint?

    Even if NXT/WWE actually did want to protect the demon, there was so stuff they could have done and still have him lose.
  9. Well, color me surprised. I did not see this coming. I guess Bálor Club finally becomes a faction at Payback. Looking forward to heel Bálor.
  10. Doesn't matter. The very fact that it CAN happen is going to keep people interested. It's the same way they have surprise title changes on TV as well. You'd think all titles would change hands on PPV since they are the big shows, but what would be the reason to watch a title match on TV if that was the case?
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  11. Was totally expecting KO to bash him, but nah.
  12. :blackshock: words fail me.
  13. Fair enough, but at the same time people want to be able to see title changes, especially in this day and age. Was there even a camera crew there so they can throw the match on the Network some time later? If not, then this was a huge mistake on the part of WWE/NXT, injury or not.

    Either way, this is surprising. I remember hearing they were planning to call up Joe after WrestleMania. I guess they decided to hold off for some reason.
  14. It means Balor is going up to the main roster, so I'm cool with it. No better man then Joe to take the throne.
    Those epic entrances need to be on the big stage.
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  15. This was not a mistake. This builds interest in the product, not only are people going to be more attuned to what is going on on TV now, but tickets to the house shows are going to sell better now because there is the thrill of missing a title change.

    This happened all the time back in the 80s. Arguably the greatest period for WWE as a business.
  16. I disagree. I really do not think people will start going to live events more because there was one title change on an NXT Live event. Fans will go to live events to see the wrestlers and that is pretty much it.
  17. Think what you will. But this is a proven strategy that works to this day and is used by promotions all over the world.
    The best way to increase attendances is to create a reason to attend. Seeing a title change is the perfect one
  18. Are NXT house shows really in need of a boost? I thought they were selling out left and right, they've even done double shots before due to demand.
  19. No. House shows shouldn't be treated like they are a part of anything connected to storyline. People expecting that are dumb.
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