Spoiler Big Title Change.

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  1. - Bobby Roode defeated Bobby Lashley to become the new TNA World Heavyweight Champion at tonight's tapings in Bethlehem, PA, according to our correspondent Bman. We will have full spoilers from tonight and Wednesday night up soon.

    If TNA is taping in order, this title match would air on October 29th, which is a few weeks after the Bound For Glory pay-per-view.


  2. Dumb move. Why would they give Roode the title when the PPV hasn't even happened yet? Especially if it's the major title. Welp. Now we know who is retaining at BFG.
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  3. GET HYPE. Although this should've happened at BFG. And it should've been in Canada, so Roode's big title victory would be "at home" with a crowd who wants to welcome their hometown hero.
  4. T N A
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  5. Good and bad.. Good in the sense that Bobby Roode is holding the Main Title, bad in how they went about having it go down.
  6. This is like 100x better than WCW in the early 1990's. JJ Dillon said they would tape shows 3-4 months in advanced, and JJ also said that Sid Vicious was taped as WCW Champion in about 2-3 months of TV tapings before the Starrcade plans were changed.
  7. The dumb part of this is that it's spoiled so far ahead in advance. It's 2014, TNA. Wake up. Couldn't avoid this spoiler.

    Obviously BFG is gonna be "TNA vs Wrestle-1", they're building everything up for TV and it's not like there's a whole card worth of feuds worth putting on there with everything being hot-shotted while stuff like the Hardys/Wolves/3D grudge match is happening on Impact as well, so BFG is looking like a One Night Only show being marketed as much more than that.

    They no longer care about their PPV business nor should they, everything needs to be on TV since they have to lure in another network, so the question that should be asked is "Why do TNA PPV's continue to exist?"
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  8. TNA was 10 steps forward and 20 steps back by spoiling their hottest feud that's been boiling since the early Summer. Stupid move TNA.
  9. I guess it's a necessary evil if they really must tape a fuckload of TV all at once. Wish they could tape 3 episodes at a time, then the PPV themed episode day-of (assuming they can't just do it live)
  10. Good news, definitely. But a dumb move by the company.
  11. I could give a fuck less about it, although it's way too far ahead. Roode as champ again = Aids is back in the TFA Fanclub. Now have him become the EY to Taryn's ODB and we are on the right path.
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  12. :dafuq: Roode is TNA, bitch.
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  13. Did you misread my post? I like Roode, glad to see him win. Have him and Taryn become a power couple like ODB and EY but 1000x better and i'm happy.

    I said Roode winning = me back watching TNA you dumbass, what part do you disagree on?
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  14. I did misread your post, and the part I disagree on is the EY and ODB/Roode and Taryn stuff. Roode is better off alone.
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  15. lol I wasnt suggesting it for real, just fangirling saying it would make me the most happy.

    I could give a fuck less how it goes, looks like I'll be watching this weeks and forward to get all caught up.
  16. Vince Russo is TNA, Fangirl.
  17. Fuck having a face World champion
  18. I guess BFG is going to suck then :/
  19. I'm happy for Roode. He deserves the title more than most men in the back and will hopefully be a good champ.
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  20. [​IMG]
    Perfectly describes this
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