Big UFC star may follow Brock to WWE.

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, Apr 13, 2012.

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  1. I'd actually like it.
  2. Just because he's in the UFC it doesn't mean that he gets to follow Brock to the WWE, Brock has been a part of the WWE before and to Vince he's the most impotant or one of the most important.
  3. Oh..... The title said big star.... I have been fooled again

  4. I think WWE would welcome any UFC star to be honest.
  5. Tito Ortiz is a decent trash talker isn't he?
  6. Ortiz was once upon a time one of the 2 or 3 biggest names in MMA. Now he is pretty much washed up though.

    He's a pretty bad talker in general. He talks a lot of shit, and is hated by most of his opponents and Dana White, but I just find him to be a jerk off.

    Safe to say they won't be bringing him in as an interviewer. Warning: Hilarious ass video:

  7. Isn't that guy married 2 Jenna Jameson
  8. I can't picture Tito in WWE. He's too raw. I don't think he could transition without some major botches starting out.

    Like Ziggles said, Brock has tenure, Ortiz doesn't. It would be like Booker T transferring from WCW all over again, right to the bottom. I don't think Ortiz would like that.
  9. Indeed it is :laugh:
  10. You guys realize that Ken Shamrock was an established MMA fighter who when onto to WWF and became a big thing at the time of the monday night wars...Tito Ortiz can definitely do the same with a bit of training from Brock or even Ken you just never know in the WWE
  11. I liked Tito's time with TNA, so I'd like to see him in 'E too.
  12. :shock: you don't say :shock:
  13. :pity: had to be said
  14. A big thing? Bar his match vs Michaels at DX IYH he was never a big thing. He got pretty over during that time but bar that he was sod all.
  15. He was a KOTR and IC Champion. He had a nice little career.
    He had some pretty good feuds IMO. Rock, Owen, and Val Venis come to mind.
  16. Still wouldn't class him as a big thing.
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