BIG WWE Superstar appearing on NXT and sells out show!

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Star Lord, Apr 27, 2013.

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  1. Why WWE? WHY! He clearly isnt going to put anyone over! Hopefully one of the NXT guys can bring out the best in Cena.
  2. Lol John Cena. He will probably face some guy of the main roster. But haing Y2J next week...who cares
  3. It's NXT, being in the ring with the face of the company, and the WWE champion for a decent match puts any of the young talent there over. John Cena SHOULD NOT lose over there, the WWE champion losing to rookies clean is a horrible booking idea. As I said, him being in a match with a good amount of time with any young talent will put them over, there's no reason to have the WWE champion lose.
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  4. Yeah. Given that he's not wrestling a dark match, a young heel taking him to the limit is the best idea. And it's not like one Cena appearance is going to ruin the show.
  5. Hey Adam, it would help if you cited your resources as well, lol. For all we know, you could be quoting Meltzer. :pity:
  6. Okay.....
  7. Last time he showed up on NXT it was just in a pretaped promo and a dark segment + autographs.
  8. Cenalolrapadoobeastarfruitypebblesthechampishere
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