Bigfoot SIlva vs Mark Hunt

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  1. watch this fight. one of the best I've ever seen. FOTY for 2013

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    does anyone else watch mma...
  2. Isn't it happening tonight? Fuck just googled it, god damn thought it was tonight! Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck.
  3. it was a lame card except the last two fights

    I mean really lame
  4. Just caught Shogun and Hunt, fuck that main event was a war. Even though I knew the result it was still full of close finishes, BF in the 1st and 4th Hunt in the 3rd and 5th. Just crazy. Seeing Shogun crack Te HUna made me mark too.
  5. Hunt has been one of my favorites from when I watched him in K-1 and PRIDE. dude only knows one way to right and I love I. my roommate and I were marking so hard in the 3rd after that right straight sent Bigoot over backward.

    Bigfoot deserves credit for absorbing so much punishment. Hunt was teeing off in the 5th and Silva just ate everything and landed hard shots of his own.
  6. I even agreed with the judges that it was a 47-47 draw
  7. Yeah I did too, I think it was the 4th which it hung on Hunt had like 2 on top but bf did more damage when he mounted although he had less time. Hunt is so much fun to watch and I can't think of a bad fight from BF that I've seen. He either gets kod or goes to town.
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  8. The crazy thing is the one judge scored round 3 only 10-9 and then gave Hunt either the 1st 2nd or 4th round to give him the fight 48-47. I don't see anyway you can get to that score.

    at least two judges were competent
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  9. Someone post a gif pls, because everything that matters in a MMA fight fits in a single gif.
  10. [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    way too many to post.
  11. Eh, I stand corrected then, I'll pirate the fight. I legit thought Hunt is retired or dead, btw.
  12. Alrighty then, thank you.
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  13. I love hunts fuck double legs I'm rugby tackling you approach.
  14. I was laughing so hard when he secured the takedown. then he actually did some work from on top

    Hunt's the best.
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