Bigger Legend - Hogan or Austin?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Trip in the Head, Aug 15, 2014.

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  1. Apparently in a recent interview Hulk Hogan was asked the question whether he thought he or Steve Austin was the bigger legend in wrestling..........

    I thought that might cause a nice discussion on here. Hogan goes on to state that he actually encouraged Sting to get in the ring now that he is finally part of the WWE universe.

    More topics for conversation I suppose.

    Who do you guys think is the bigger legend in WWE? Hulk Hogan with his long standing involvement in wrestling as a whole (including WCW and TNA) or Stone Cold Steve Austin - the man at the helm of the Attitude Era in WWE?

  2. Hogan is obviously the bigger, correction, the BIGGEST legend in professional wrestling.
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  3. I didn't get to see Hogan in WWF, but in the 90's while he was in NWO, I thought Austin was better overall. I can't say for sure who is more of a legend other than what I seen. I thought Austin was the most entertaining character of all time. He was the first real anti-hero. He blurred the lines between good guy and bad guy.
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  4. I think its hard to distinguish between the two honestly. Who doesn't know either of those names when you mention them in conversation? TBH I liked SCSA better. And I grew up watching Hulk Hogan in WWF. Cartoons, sticker books, action figures, you name it.
  5. There is no "Bigger' legend in my books, both were very different eras. Hogan brought the wrestling, Stone brought the attitude.

    Both are equal in my book.
    • How anyone can say Austin is on Hogan's level is just being completely bias. Hogan has main evented countless wrestlemanias and all WCW PPVs. Hulkamania and nWo were arguably the two most over gimmicks in wrestling history. Hogan was on top for three decades, Austin was on top for 3 years. Movies, commercials, TV shows, worldwide recognition. It's no contest. No one was bigger than Austin while he was on top, but he wasn't on top long enough to challenge Hogan.

    Brother :hogan:
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  6. Hogan for sure, but being completely biased, I gotta go with SCSA in my mind at least. Never really a Hogan fan, but I can't speak for the millions that are.
  7. I see the point here - basically pointing out that Hogan has been in the business FAR longet than Austin - which is completely true. But Austin ended up on the winning team during the Monday Night Wars (which included NWO IIRC), that must count for something right? And when NWO started it was over like nothing before it, but then it just became this huge gang that everyone wanted to be part of (and became part of). It just became silly near the end IMO. People like Virgil and other lower tier stars joining was a mistake.
  8. Very true but that's not hogans fault. Hogan turning heel was the biggest heel turn of all time. WWE winning the Monday night wars wasn't just due to Austin. Credit has to go first and foremost to McMahon, then shared with the Rock, foley, sable, DX, etc. I admit Austin was the most over star in the late 90s but then he was gone. Hogan also made his mark In Europe and especially Japan over the years. I don't believe Austin has a following overseas anywhere near what Hogan does.
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  9. What is your basis for deliberation?
    Is it money? Is it pops? Is it PPVs? Is it merchandise?
    Kareem Abdul Jabbar scored more points than Michael Jordan, is he abigger star?
    Emmitt Smith ran for more yards than Barry Sanders, is he better?
    Babe Ruth or Hank Aaron?

    Can we penalize a man who chose to hang it up early? Austin wasnt given a shot for many years, whereas Hogan had his immediately. Can't choose. Impossibl debate
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  10. Good points though
  11. Comparing real sports athletes to WWE entertaining is a bit silly.

    Hogan has always been the much bigger star/name in Wrestling and probably always will be.
  12. No matter who you want to argue was bigger in their prime, Hulk Hogan no doubt has the bigger legacy overall... A huge component of both boom periods (both the 80's AND the 90's), the leader of the most infamous stable in wrestling history (the New World Order, which is the angle that started the second boom period to begin with), set all kinds of records for WCW and still has the largest television rating and live attendance record in North American wrestling history. The list goes on. His name is also more synonymous with pro wrestling than Austin's is, which Austin himself even admitted in an interview a week ago.

    That said, McMahon has said on more than a few occasions that Austin was his biggest money-making superstar in history, and a lot of tangible evidence supports it. His crowd reactions were always louder, his DVD's have always sold better, he has bigger PPV buys to his name, he sold more merchandise, the mention of his name to this day almost always gets a bigger pop than the mention of Hogan's, etc. Of course, there were massive differences between the two eras, which is why this debate is one that will never end. It's wrestling's version of Elvis vs The Beatles... you can literally make arguments and counter-arguments to support either side.
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  13. Well, it helps to remember who WWF and WCW were run by. WWF was spearheaded by Vince McMahon, a man who had already long established himself as The Greatest Wrestling Promoter Of All Time by then, and WCW was being run by people who largely had no clue about wrestling and who pissed away every hot angle they ever had. The NWO angle was never given a proper conclusion and was largely mismanaged and driven into the ground until people were so sick of it to the point where they were just praying for it to finally die. Bill Goldberg was a super-hot commodity who could have been a lot bigger and accomplished a lot more, but they squandered most of his momentum away, too. There's a lot of tangibles that went into WCW losing the war other than just "Austin must have been bigger than Hogan."
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  14. I wasn't comparing real athletes to WWE a**hole
    If you bothered putting it into perspective, you'd realize I was referring to longevity vs lightning in a bottle.
  15. I'd be offended by you calling me an asshole but it's censored, so it's all good bruh
  16. With some I wouldn't bother debating. You're smarter than this and escapes me why you would post something so stupid and asinine.
    For some, I'd completely face palm. You're better than the way you're posting right now.
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  17. Thought he meant ale-hole, which would be completely accurate. :heenan:
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  18. I would say Hogan. Hulk has been the face of WWF longer and one of the biggest stables of all time. The 80's and 90's were in his hands more than anybody in my opinion. Stone Cold had the late 90's and early 2000's for sure, but not anywhere as close as Hogan. Even media wise I say Hogan. Even with sex tapes Hogan wins.
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  19. Just to add to my point, check this shit out:


    Beat that Austin! :tough:
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