Bigger legend - Hogan or Flair?

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Bigger Legend - Hogan or Flair?

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  1. Hogan

  2. Flair

  1. I thought I would put this thread up. I thought of it when watching RAW and the legends panel at the beginning. Made me think of the Austin vs Hogan thread I put up awhile ago (which Hogan no doubt won). But what if we compare him to the Nature Boy, Space Mountain himself, Ric Flair? Is that a tougher call to make than Hogan vs Austin?


  2. Gotta go with Hogan.
  3. Still Hogan? Huh, I thought Flair would get some love at least. 16 time champion and all.
  4. Flair was the best, but Hogan is the biggest legend.
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  5. Hulk Hogan in terms of impact and drawing money. Ric Flair in terms of ring work, work ethic, influence, etc. Flair has probably influenced more people to become wrestlers and probably wrestled more hours of matches than anyone else has in history. But Hogan is more renown throughout the world than Flair is, especially in North America which was the primary location that both men worked in throughout their careers. And he undoubtedly drew more money overall than Flair did. Taking Hulk Hogan out of wrestling and leaving Ric Flair would leave a greater negative impact and not as much of a positive one than taking Ric Flair out of wrestling and leaving Hulk Hogan would. Thus, the answer to me is Hulk Hogan.
  6. It's gotta be Hulkster IMO, Ric Flair is nice and both are legends but Hulk has to be the bigger one to me.
  7. Shawn Michaels?
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  8. Yeah, Flair was better than Hogan quality wise, but when we're discussing things like star power and legend status, there's no room for subjectivity there - Hogan is a bigger legend.
  9. Hogan is literally GOAT.
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  10. I'm going with Hogan.

    Hulk Hogan was always a bigger draw than Ric Flair, though Flair had the talent and work ethic, he didn't have the exposure that Hogan did. If Hogan worked in a dying NWA in the late 80's, and Flair worked in the international WWF, the roles would be reversed. So I find them equal but it's the popularity factor that comes into play.
  11. Hoke Ogan.
  12. I hate Ric Flair. I really do.
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  13. I still hate the old b*stard.
  14. I don't hate him, but whenever he talks about others who may or do have heat with him and the way he looks down on them is ridiculous. Especially when he talks about Shane Douglas, and how he blames him for screwing with The Kliq when a shit ton of people claim they did exactly what Douglas also claims they did (I.E, botching spots and blaming others)
  15. Hogan all the way!
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  16. definitely hogan :yay:
  17. Hogan both literally and figuratively is the bigger legend.
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