Royal Rumble Bigger things in play for Owens?

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  1. Definitely seems that they're going with Ambrose vs. Owens vs. Ziggler after the Smackdown main event. If that's the case then Ziggler is there to eat the pin, which means Kevin is being protected. I'm not saying it's a precursor to Owens vs. Lesnar at WrestleMania, but they've definitely got plans for him going forward.

    What other ideas would you like to see them bump up Owens with, in-case Lesnar wins the Rumble?
  2. Brock vs Owens would be the best call I think but then you have to consider Cena... If he is going to be going on limited scheduling, Owens vs Cena (Cena eating a lost) might be good. Then again, I don't think he has ever lost at WM so maybe pin him and Taker against each other?... There are a lot of options for Owens I just hope they pick the right one. Brock or Cena would be great.
  3. Owens vs The Undertaker seems very realistic. Could definitely see Owens stepping up and trash talking Taker. Everybody is saying John Cena vs Undertaker and I think that would be a damn good match but also a long shot for being booked. Who is the next best opponent for Taker? KEVIN OWENS
  4. He's going to be a top heel and head to the ME scene soon. But first, he needs to start wrecking some people, he already has, kinda. But, he needs to be on that same roll throughout the WM season.
  5. Even though I don't in any way see it happening, I'd love it if they booked an Undertaker/Owens program. I'd love it even more if it was the Undertaker's retirement and they let KO get a huge rub from going over him in his final match (which they would never do in a million years probably, but it's sometimes nice to dream.) They could even somewhat incorporate it into an Owens/Lesnar feud later, since KO defeating The Dead Man would put him alongside Brock as the only person in history to ever triumph over The Undertaker at Wrestlemania. (On another note, Owens could also brag about how beat John Cena in his first night on the roster whereas Lesnar lost to Cena on his first night back.)
  6. Maybe have Owens finally get the U.S title? Establishing him as the king of the mid-card is the best way to give him a smooth sail. Going straight from I.C to Lesnar and Taker feuds would be incredibly undermining both Lesnar and Taker and Owens credibility.

    Having him run the extra mile, in terms of the mid-card, by winning the Tag Titles. Would be even better. Establishing him as a Grand Slam/Triple Crowd champion would be great if you want him facing Taker and Lesnar down the line. Now this is just wishful thinking, but having a heel Zayn team with Owens to have a WWEified Steenerico. That's likely not going to happen, but I only hope two get together.

    All in all. Have him become the king of the mid-card before making too big of moves for him.
  7. No, he should go up the card. The US title shouldn't be on his mind, since, ya know, he SHOULD HAVE won it from Cena.
  8. I'm probably being hipster again but I find Steen kinda boring. He's cool in the ring but otherwise not really. Maybe he'll grow on me...
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  9. Oh, Cena lost two Wrestlemanias in a row actually... 27 and 28, though his first Wrestlemania loss came at 24 in a triple threat. A world with undefeated John Cena at Wrestlemania would be pretty scary :emoji_slight_smile:

    Anyhow the point being that even though him being pinned by Owens wouldn't be unheard of at Wrestlemania, it would still be an accomplishment.
  10. Watch they'll throw Owens in the Andre battle royal and have him eliminated by Ryback :smirk2:
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  11. How dare you act like Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal doesn't matter, dammit?! :VinceSurprised:
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  12. Him losing to Neville in 21 seconds, getting his ass beat up by Dean in every fair fight is probaby because they will make him some sort of a maniac. His Powerbomb through the table shows it a bit but still he shouldn't run away from fights. I mean what did Dean Ambrose do besides his feud w/ Rollins. Nothing! He was a guy without program running around as a psycho who does rebound lariat over and over again which makes me sick. Don't get me wrong, he is a great wrestler but the way he is booked is a joke, just like Owens. I mean which Lunatic will stick up to his brother this much after losing the BIGGEST GOLD IN THE BUSINESS to him. Whatever, that's another case. I don't want to see Taker vs Owens actually, Taker will get this one as he is in his homeland. Facing Taker is great, especially at Mania, but how worthy it is especially after end of the streak? How many of you cared "so much" about Wyatt vs Taker? I did like the feud but it was a non-sense match to me. Him facing Cena can be good BUT NOT MAKE CENA WIN AGAIN, happened and Cena won lol. Brock vs Owens would be a great match, will make huge profit, if Owens lose in a great match up it won't still be a problem for his character. Brock is the right choice.

    *Meanwhile in the backstage.

    Vince: Hey Kevin... You know you will face Ryback & Usos at Wrestemania with Rusev & Alberto in your corner. It will be a 6 man elimination tag and you'll be the first one who gets eliminated! See you fat ass!*

    Even typing this made me vomit.
  13. I see Taker vs Owens happening before Lesnar vs Owens at Wrestlemania. Do I think it would be a better match? Not at all. But Lesnar is probably going to be in the title match, and if not he will be facing The Rock. So that leaves Owens vs Taker as his best possible match scenario for WM32. But Taker will still go over which sucks. But within the company, having the match with Taker at Wrestlemania is a big deal.
  14. A great experience as well. Still it' s better than a random match at WM. I think Taker must win this year as it is in his hometown, he deserves it, also can be his last match ever, but I don't want tbat guy to be Owens.
  15. Because Ambrose is the most over guy on the roster and could serve as anyone's pop machine. The brass know that whoever's aligned with Ambrose, they'll get cheered instantly.

    Or... Ambrose could be plotting a heel turn, hence why always being there for Reigns. But yeah, that's not happening. An Ambrose heel turn ain't happening any time soon.
  16. I'm gonna keep sayin it Owens vs. Lesnar's build, KO eliminates Lesnar's in the rumble (both will enter for sure despite what they do before the match) Lesnar retaliates, huge brawl, KO now seemingly a face, we got a crazy as fuck match coming for mania.
  17. I still think Owens vs Taker will happen. Lesnar will probably face The Rock if he doesn't win.

    I've also been reading rumours about Lesnar vs The Wyatts.
  18. Fuck I'm done with Taker... Rock should face someone else like Daniel Bryan who should be cleared
  19. Ziggler has been reduced to being a fluffer. lolol

    Is Owens considered a heel right now? I am not sure on this, but if so, I can see him vs Cena.
  20. Yeah Ziggler fell victim of "sorry creative has nothing for you" and is now lolly-gaggin as the alpha jobber of Smackdown.

    Owens will be face soon, I can see it... between Leanar and Taker for opponents I prefer Bork
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