Bigger tragedy... face Henry or AJ/Ziggs fiasco

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  1. Logic dictates that Ziggs is getting mileage out of the AJ storyline.... after all the chick is over in the back

    The castration of Henry makes me sick. This monster needs to stay angry... I don't care if he has a toothache... p*ss him off

    The only thing more epic then Henry right now would be Lesnar's beard v Velasquez... give me that and I'll forgive the fact AJ Lee is a worthtless tool
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  2. You love how Vince is booking the show dont you?
  3. Nononononono. Mark Henry cannot and I don't think will turn officially face again. That would be awful. I know the Shield attacked him, but I think he can still be a monster in some way while destroying the shield. (I can believe :upset:)
  4. I think he'll be a badass face; keeping the same sort of character. It sucks though because the hall of pain shit is over, and I fucking LOVE that gimmick.
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  5. Ziggler, Rhodes, Punk, HHH...Too many badass faces
  6. Sup Jonathan, I'm elated to be here... the thing about Henry is he is a legit bad a**... as in he could blast any fool on the roster and nobody would bad an eye

    Vince can still book an angle, but that's the issue... Vince, for the life of him, cannot book two angles at once...

    Once he sees money in something everyone else is around him becomes donkey sh**
  7. Both "tragedies" can be solved with sensible booking,let's see where these situations lead before calling them tragedies.
  8. Ziggler for sure assuming he is stuck carrying Big E at SS and not taking the belto from Berto
  9. My biggest deal here is...the E is making me believe Ziggs is simply there to elevate talent and make them look good... WTF, why?

    I'd get it if he'd gotten a run and then flopped, but the E feels it necessary to bring closure with a chick who isn't anywhere near Vickie's level

    As unpopular as it may be Big E can very easily eat a pin on RAW courtesy of the ShowOff.... would anyone really care if he did?

    Putting this match together at Summerslam leads me to believe they are shooting a rocket up a man's a** who's over-ness is questionable at best
  10. I'm willing to give baby face Mark Henry a chance. Like Crayo said, he can still be a bad ass and do basically all the things he did as a heel, only now people will be cheering him and he'll be feuding with heels. He might need a little more justification before putting people in the Hall of Pain but I'd say The Shield attacking him is a pretty good reason. I like the idea of Henry attacking a member of The Shield and putting him in the HOP (especially if it's the biggest guy, Roman Reigns) and then telling the other two that they're next.

    I don't mind the Ziggler/AJ/Langston stuff either so long as it doesn't go past Summerslam and lead to Ziggler jobbing again.

  11. It's safe to assume that Henry as a face will not have the same impact on fans as when he's a heel. It's much harder to pull off a legitimate bad ass face than it is for a heel and Henry's been down this route before. It doesn't look good.

    As for Ziggler, I think having him feud with Big E is good for him. It'll truly establish him as a top face and will give him more momentum until he gets the pay off that everyone wants to see. What's the point in rushing something that could be a great moment, let everything sink in and hopefully by then ADR will over a little more with the fans by then.
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  12. KLockard23 - I want to believe your angle, so I will. I don't think they would sacrifice Reigns but I'll roll with that punch, nonetheless

    Mystical George - Good take. I'd just rather not have Dolph Ziggler's rocket ship derailed the way Wade Barrett's was.

    I admit my pessimism, though
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