WrestleMania Biggest booking blunder on the RTWM?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Mar 22, 2013.

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  1. As many errors as there have been, try to single out one booking decision that stands out as the worst as we approach Wrestlemania and things fall into place for the card.


    For me, it is booking Swagger to win the EC match over Henry and facing ADR at Mania. Most of us thought the feud would be solid because of the clashing gimmicks, but really nobody cares about the program.. not the IWC, not the people attending shows and seemingly WWE barely cares seeing the amount of time the two get on Raw to build the match up.

    Henry meanwhile is still amazing to watch, is still able to be a bright spot on Raw even when all he is doing is squashing Kofi Kingston. A feud between Del Rio and Henry would have kept the crowd hot for Del Rio and kept one of the most entertaining guys in the WWE in a meaningful feud, instead of just jobbing to a guy who lost his momentum to the Shield months ago.

    Why is Swagger not feuding with Cesaro? His insta main event push was as ill-advised as the original insta main event push he received. I mean, fool me once, Vince....

    Henry/ADR would have EASILY been one of the IWC's most anticipated matches heading into Mania. Also the presence of Henry and possibility of him losing would provide added hope of a possible attack on Del Rio leading to a potential cash in for Ziggler.
  2. (Lord, it's damn near impossible to do just one... this whole thing is such a mess.)

    Not having a Triple Threat for the WWE Title match. Does anybody want to see Rock/Cena II? Yeah the build to Punk/Taker's been great, but they couldn't have foreseen Paul Bearer's passing. Without that, would the build be anywhere near this good. Not having the triple threat not only made us miss out on not only actual build for the triple threat, but a multi-layered storyline and a MUCH better match (Rocky can rest more as Cena and Punk fight). Apparently they'd rather force Taker to work when he isn't in shape to do so and give us this a bullshit redemption story. Thanks, WWE!
  3. Am I the only one who doesn't think so?
  4. Tbf, it's probably the first or second best build up so far.
  5. Putting Mr Anderson in Aces and Eights....Oops...Wrong clusterfuck.

  6. Sort of like being the tallest midget? I mean, they clearly had no worthwhile build planned and have used the PB death as a crutch. None of it has been entertaining to me.
  7. [​IMG]

    Aces & Eights isn't a clusterfuck at all. That is an example of a well planned out storyline coming to fruition months later. WWE should take notes.
  8. I'm just pointing out it's the first or second best build-up. Doesn't mean it's good.

    Like, CM Punk won a Fatal Four-Way to take on Taker, and if it weren't for PB's death, it probably could have been somewhat more or less entertaining.

    Also, the majority of the card of Wrestlemania is predictable.

    HHH over Lesnar
    Taker over Punk
    Cena over Rock
  9. Going a bit off topic, but the video package of the Aces and Eights was amazing. Made so much sense, which we rarely see.

  10. Well I really doubt they had something better planned and scrapped it for this shitty Paul Bearer storyline build instead. Clearly it would have been even less entertaining.

    As mediocre as HHH/Bork build has been I'll easily take it over Taker/CM Punk. Sorry Taker but your aura is gone for me. They can dust your old ass off once a year and impress everyone else, but I'm sick of his Mania match builds being dog shit just because they know they don't need elaborate stories with him because people are inherently interested.
  11. Agreed...apart from Mr Anderson. :pity:
  12. Despite the positivity earlier I totally agree with this. Maybe it's just being desensitized from seeing enough crappy storylines lately, but the Paul Bearer thing has made this really feel real, like Taker has a reason to want to tear Punk limb from limb. It's more than just the same boring "streak vs challenger" we would have had, which as you said would be dog shit.

    WWE actually gave us a reason to cheer for a babyface, the first time that's happened since 2009. Shame someone has to die to actually pull that off.
  13. I understand why they're having Fandango feuding against someone such as Chris Jehrico, but I would've much preferred if Chris Jehrico competed against Dolph Ziggler. The reason I'd have them two go against each other is that they could have had a very highly anticipated match and could have easily been the candidate for MOTN (Match of the Night). Although we would've knew the winner of the match, it sure could have been a highly competitive, fast action-paced and phenomenal match.

    However, Big E Langston, Team Hell No and Fandango would've had nothing to do. It's all down to how they can include rest of the roster at WrestleMania, but that's the match I would've loved to see at the grandest stage of the all.
  14. Not tying Rock down for more dates, I know the match will be dog shit but this redemption vs greatness is supposed to be the big deal at the biggest show but you're gonna have one guy not show up for a weeks in a row?
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  15. This is one of the main tell tale signs that WWE is mailing in the build for this terrible show.
  16. This might be the worst Mania in history :downer:
  17. It's also probably the biggest blunder for me (though the build in general is lackluster, they're really phoning it in for the WM build this year.) The obvious set up for the match was not a silly four way match, which according to reports even Vince hated. it was using the respect angle with Punk saying he'll created the biggest WWE moment ever by ending the streak at Wrestlemania and straight out challenging the Undertaker. The Paul Bearer angle I didn't mind, because they almost had to do something with it and I appreciate that Bearer's death was used in an angle with Taker in some way, but this feud just seems to be missing something. I was thinking they'd have Punk take Undertaker to his limit and have him come close to ending the streak, but with all the shit with the urn, it's just gonna be another "Undertaker squashes heel, adds another number to his streak" feud.
  18. Not really. Even though the booking and build-up might suck, the matches have a chance to be amazing.
  19. This. It will be 4 hours and have a lot of terrible shit. The build has been shit. But at the end of the day you still get:

    Big E & Ziggler vs Hell No
    Lesnar & HHH
    Del Rio & Swagger
    Shield vs Somebody
    Henry vs Ryback

    Should be some entertaining matches at least.

    It won't even be the worst Mania of the last 5 years. Nothing will top the Miz vs Cena main eventing in terms of shittiness. That entire PPV was trash.
  20. Henry not challenging ADR was a big mistake, yes. Simply dropping the Ziggler/Jericho feud also felt really weird to me.
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