Biggest botcher ever to wrestle for a major company?

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by Senhor Perfect, Dec 17, 2012.

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  1. I'd have to say a tie between Sabu and Sin Cara. They seem to have at least one botch per match. Has Sabu ever hit the spring board from the chair to the top rope and over successfully? Cara is just a mess most of the time, just when you think, "its impossible to botch this move", he manages to find a way.
  2. To be fair Cara has improved greatly during 2012, working with Rey has helped him a lot. Sabu definitely takes the cake.
  3. Sabu with no doubt. Botching is just part of his matches, it has to happen.
  4. Sabu could clean up the act as well, gotta give him that. :true:
  5. Sabu's botches are a part of his moveset for 10 years now, deal with it.
  6. On purpose botching eh? I like it :dawg:
  7. Sabu was a legend and did make the botching a part of his matches. Not on purpose but I'm sure there were times however he did to get the crowd going with the "you f****d up" chants!
  8. Yes. I already discussed this Sabu stuff exactly with you, and we agreed on it. It's what Sabu represents nowadays.
  9. Precisely it was expected in his matches and the fans loved it.
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