Biggest burials of all time

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  1. We toss the word around freely almost on a daily basis when it comes to guys on the roster today, but looking back what are the most egregious, momentum-halting, agenda-driven burials of all time?

    Christian losing the World Heavyweight Championship on a Smackdown taping TWO DAYS after winning his first ever world championship in WWE comes to mind as one of the most distasteful booking decisions that really seemed spiteful in some way like a "fuck you" to Christian. Christian had momentum, very emotionally driven seeing as so many fans had followed the guys' career and he finally had a big win, not to mention Edge retiring and being there rooting on his best friend to win his first big one.

    Cena is viewed as a modern HHH in large circles of the IWC, but one spot where I think you can actually complain is his interaction with the Nexus. WB looked like a no brainer next top heel for WWE but once Cena got involved the lost all momentum and WWE was left scrambling with booking trying to salvage things.

    Also one of the most hilarious and appropriate burials of all time:

  2. I'm not sure if it'd be considered a huge burial, but Kofi when he had his shit with Randy.
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  3. Christian doesn't feel that way. He's just happy to have won it, as anyone would be. I've heard it from his mouth. 1 day or 4,000 days like CM Schmohawk, he's still a champion.

    I'm trying to think of a real "burial" and not some drummed up internet rumor mill burial, and there's only one I can think of off the top of my head. The way Russo did Hogan in WCW when he had JJ lay down and then made that title defunct. He went on to cut this scathing "SHOOT PROMO" on Hogan which was in poor taste. Russo is a scumbag.
  4. Zack Ryder is the one that really comes to mind with me. He was loved by the crowd and he even won the United States Championship. But, in two months, he was basically killed because of a Kane/Cena feud and then he went slowly back to jobber status.
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    Zack Ryder immediately comes to mind whenever I hear the word "buried" in the context of a wrestling discussion. He got himself over, was selling merchandise like hotcakes, was the host of his own original popular internet show and had the support of the crowd fully behind him, but the company for some reason just didn't like him, so off back to the bottom of the card he was. He lost the United States Title in short order, was destroyed and put in a wheelchair thanks to Kane, manipulated by Eve, destroyed once more by Kane, and then his friend John Cena had to be the one to step in and fight his battles for him. What has he done of relevancy since then?

    Wade Barrett's might be worse though, only because he had the potential to be a top heel whereas I never saw Ryder going past midcard status at best. But I think that was arguably more of a mishandling or misfire than a straight up burial. I'm pretty sure Edge mentioned on Jericho's podcast last year that he, Jericho and Cena were all pushing backstage for Nexus to go over at Summerslam, but WWE officials were adamant about Cena going over instead.
  6. I'd say Wade Barrett's burial was one of the worst ones as far as impact goes, meaning he's still not dead in the dirt at the moment.. Iced-Z's and Christian's were definitely up there IMO.

    A couple close calls in the past few years have been Bray Wyatt, Cesaro and Damien Sandow IMO, they were going with a lot of momentum and then boom instantaneously almost for all 3 they seemed to be nowhere close to a higher part of the mid card/lower main event tier.
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  7. Is there a difference between an intended burial and an accidental one? The result is the same, and if they weren't intentionally trying to bury WB by literally burying him with dozens of chairs and then taking his stable away from him and jettisoning him to SD with a shittier knockoff version of HIS original stable, then man, this company is dumber than we all thought. I would almost rather believe they tried burying Barrett as opposed to them thinking they were somehow helping him out with those booking decisions.
  8. Curtis Axel being bitch-slapped to the mat by Triple H on his first night springs to mind.
  9. I don't recall that, but I do recall Axel getting multiple televised wins over HHH at one point.
  10. First night out, HHH, after being concussed by Brock Lesnar on Extreme Rules the night before, came out and bitch-slapped Axel. They had one match, which Axel won by countout when HHH's concussion prevented him from re-entering the ring. Just made him look like a weak chicken heel from Day 1.
  11. Axel is 3-0 against The Game by my count, none of them wer pins but still 3-0!

    #Axelmania baby!
  12. I don't see how that was a burial. If I recall correctly, he beat HHH by count-out and Cena by count-out as well. I don't think anyone thought he would become the next big thing, and that wasn't what WWE had in mind either but it was simply to get some heat for Axel (and to debut him at the same time). I'm pretty sure he became the Intercontinental Champion one month after that as well, so I don't see the ''burying'' in that.
  13. Hmm, from what I've seen in the past few years, Zack Ryder is number 1. He got himself over, therefore he reached the brass ring, got into one of the biggest feuds in the midcard with Dolph Ziggler for the US title where everyone was elevated IMO. I was a casual who just got into the product and thought Ryder was a future star, Ziggler was a brilliant heel and the US title was where all of the underrated awesome wrestlers fought when not going for the top title. But boy, they buried Ryder and the US title and Ryder was involved in that wheelchair spot that looked dangerous as fuck.

    Sandow got screwed by Cena and got miraculously over with the Mizdow gimmick - perhaps not miraculously, because Sandow was able to turn shit into a big chicken burger and Miz, who I feel is underrated, is so good at being a heel next to Sandow/Mizdow.

    Heck, 2015 Royal Rumble buried all the faces but Reigns, and we got Big Show and Kane in the final 4. Ladies and gentleman... Big Show and Kane in the final 4 in the Royal Rumble in 2015. Good lord.

    Oh, and Cesaro had it all going for him after WM30 but they turned him into a loser before he joined Brass Ring Club... guy could've been one of the top faces if they knew how to sustain a push for someone not called Cena/Reigns/Lesnar/Big Show/Kane/J and J Security.
  14. Oh damn... What we've missed out on by that TALENTED Curtis Axel not being pushed to the moon. So many feuds! So many classic matches! So much greasy hair!

  15. Having the baddest bully in the school lose to the pretty boy is pretty ridiculous. Wrestling tapes circulated much better back then, far more people know about wrestlers pasts back then, rather than now. 95% of that audience that this is the same man who fought with a broken face, and had brawls that are world renowned. Then having him go out and job to Kane and Mark Henry before calling himself a fat piece of shit. Horrendously funny and saddening burial.

    - Slapping a newcomer does not mean he's buried. It's called getting heat, if you want the biggest contracted wrestler on WWE's roster to lay down for Michael McGillicutty, then :booker2:
  16. Tensai and Brodus Clay, in recent memory.
  17. Sandow failing to cash in in a ridicoulous fashion comes to mind.

    edit: I mean, seriously, he was all about biding his time for the perfect opportunity, then goes on to cash-in on a half-beaten john cena only to lose to a single AA. I couldn't suspend my disbelief with michael cole going all like "wow, that was awesome, it was a good effort by sandow". I'm all like "uh, no, it wasn't, he lost to a tired and beaten champion when pretty much everyone else succeded."

    It was impossible to suspend disbelief and think that sandow was an actual threat to anyone near main-event or top-midcard after that
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