Biggest disappointment

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Danielson, Oct 22, 2013.

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  1. You can take this several ways, and I'll leave it open to interruption. What superstar are you most disappointed with? Could it be the Miz? How about Ziggler not being used properly? Wade Barret's plethora of gimmick changes?
    You don't have to necessarily be disappointed with the actual superstar, but in terms of where their character is headed, who is your biggest disappointment?
  2. The way they messed up Wade Barrett really. While Ziggler may be misused, at least he can say he's a MITB winner and a former world champion. Wade hasn't had a single decent title run, they change his gimmicks and mess him up and just book him poorly. He's very talented, and they are just tossing him aside and doing nothing with him. It's very sad to see this happening to him, he doesn't even get TV time anymore.
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  3. I am disappointed with how they are using Ziggler. Or should I say, how they are not using him. Out of the current roster, he is easily in the top 5 for wrestler skill and he even has good charisma. It really makes me mad. Then you have someone like CM Punk who has been on repeat for the last 2 years on top of the company. I like Punk but seriously, I am over it. Let him be a nasty, cry baby heel. Suits him in his RL lifestyle anyways.
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  4. CM Punk. Just the route the he's going to is horrendous. I think someone here said it should have started with Axel and ended with Lesnar. THAT would have been better. This whole current storyline has shades of Michael Cole Vs. Jerry Lawler from Wrestlemania 27. Gross.
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  5. Currently, Ziggler is a pretty big disappointment. Regal is also one if we're talking about long-term things (was supposed to win the WWE title in '08), Kassius Ohno I hope changes my mind about it as he's going down that path.
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  6. I mentioned it in my booking mistakes thread(sure others have said it as well.) I agree with you about not being thrilled with his direction.
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  8. Ziggler for sure. I can understand people saying Punk, but he still produces semi-decent promos with this awful story continuing, and is in a decent spot on the card. Seeing someone like Ziggler as a jobber just hurts me inside.
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  9. that's what she said
  10. God dammit Britaninoob.
  11. PISS NUGGET! :angry:
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  12. Elvis Santino along with Khali and Hornswoggle. That is all.
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  13. Dolph Ziggler. They did the brilliant double turn and made you think that he'd be reclaiming the WHC at MITB or Summerslam but then they just dropped the whole angle and now he's back on job duty. So much for capitalizing on those huge face reactions he was getting after the turn.

    Zack Ryder. Was never a HUGE fan but he was one of the most over people in the company in late 2011/early 2012 until they proceeded to bury him for no other apparent reason than because they didn't like that a guy they had no immediate plans for got that over all on his own.

    Wade Barrett. He came in with alot of momentum through the Nexus angle and was already feuding with two of the top stars in the company (John Cena and Randy Orton) and was already on the cusp of winning the WWE Championship. But then they dropped the ball on the Nexus angle and later, Barrett helped to bury the Undertaker alive, but that went nowhere as well. He had a pretty good feud with Randy Orton in late 2011, but nothing of note since then. He won the IC Title a few times, and did so little with the belt that I forgot he even had it at all during those times.
  14. I'm going to throw out the miz. He went from main eventing a WM to what? Feels like the overall biggest disappointment to me.
  15. I totally agree.
  16. I'm not disappointed with anyone or where they are on the card. Not everyone can be the top star.
  17. WWE's treatment of Ziggler has forced me to resent the company.
  18. Only disappointment there was that Miz was main eventing Mania in the first place.
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  19. Face Punk. So damn boring imho. He can cut much better promos, Seems more motivated, Seems to prefer heel and has so much heat.
  20. so much heat that he was getting cheered in the build w/ Taker. He sucks at performing as a face but can't get heat as a heel

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