BIggest draws in WWE

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  1. List em

    Include part timers like Brock, HHH, Taker, & Rocky

    I would say:

    1.) Rock
    2.) Taker
    3.) Cena
    4.) Brock
    5.) HHH

    Honorable Mention: Orton? Jericho? It's hard to tell after the big 5, none of the new guys have been built properly to become a big draw. They are trying to do it with Punk but he hasn't been drawing for shit. Sadly I think a guy like the Big Show probably belongs on the list in the second half of the top 10.

    oh and of course my man Mark Ratings Henry gets a mention.. I almost forgot him. I guess you could say Bryan maybe as well
  2. 1. Rock
    2. Lesnar
    3. Cena
    4. Undertaker
    5. Randy Orton
  3. That's the problem with WWE, 4 out of the 5 top draws (I agree with you list btw) are part timers. They should really start using those guys to build some more draws in the active roster instead of putting them against each other or Cena.
  4. As you say, the only two full-timers who can draw to a level WWE wants them to are Cena and Henry atm. Several others have potential, maybe they'll reach their potential when Vince gets out of the way.
  5. Probably, Cena's a draw because I'm sure Vince was the one who wanted to push him and keeps pushing him this way until now, and Henry got to the ME and got SD some good ratings when Vince wasn't booking the show.
  6. Draw as in drawing heat?
  7. No, drawing viewers/PPV buys.
  8. Oh...

    1. Rock
    2. Taker
    3. Cena
    4. Lesnar
    5. HHH
  9. What does "draw" mean in wrestling terms?
  10. A draw is a person who pulls people in to watch.
  11. Puts asses in seats and eyes on TVs
  12. Why not asses in eyes and seats on TVs?
  13. because you touch yourself at night
  14. I think we can all agree that CM Punk is the best Draw in WWE atm.
  15. How is Brock 4th...?

    1) Rock/Brock
    2) Rock/Brock
    3) Cena
    4) Taker
    5) HHH
  16. Thought the same, do Brock / Rock / HHH / Taker draw enough in their limited appearances over the year to displace Cena? If we keep it in some kind of relation between the apperances.
  17. anyoneone know what summerslam buys were?
  18. Good joke
    I'm not talking about total money that they draw in a year. Taker only works once a year but he is a big draw for Mania. Quality > Quantity. Obviously if you want to take the amount they are working into consideration it puts Cena wayyyyyyy ahead of the rest
  19. 1.) Undertaker
    2.) The Rock
    3.) CM Punk
    4.) Brock
    5.) HHH

  20. I don't think we'll know that information for a while.
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