Biggest Indy Promotion in the world? WHAT DO YOU THINK!!?

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  1. KKW.
    The lifeblood of the Indy Circuit.
    With such superstars as Samoan Silverback, The Next Big Thing, and the great Disco Dave.
    Here are some of the matches that have won awards all around the world.


  2. TNA is the biggest Indy promotion in the world
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  3. WWE is the biggest Indy promotion in the world.
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  4. Its obviously NJPW
  5. Wouldnt consider NJPW an indy promotion.

    Would go for ROH
  6. *coughThatWasTheJokecough*
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    But in serious it is probably ROH. New Japan is mainstream wrestling in Japan. Zero-1 is pretty world spanning as a Japanese indy.
  8. Many people consider NJPW an indy promotion
  9. They're THE promotion in Japan, they're mainstream
  10. Many people think there is a magical man in the sky that watches over everything happening in the universe. I wouldn't just go around taking many people's word on things.
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  11. Stop killing my damn jokes.
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  12. NXT is dat reel indy, igAmerican Pittbulls fan,& was a fan of Bray Wyatt Erap since way beck!!!
  13. I agree with OP.
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