Biggest Misuse of Talent

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Nickelodeon, Jun 30, 2013.

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  1. Over the years, the WWE has really dropped the ball on certain talents. Some notable ones have been having Dolph Ziggler job or not even get TV time for years, Zack Ryder jobbing after getting over, using Kaientai in that Evil thing, and lets not forget how many people got buried by HHH. However, I'm asking you guys, what do you think has been WWE's biggest misuse of talent?
  2. They wasted Taka Minchinoku
  3. He was a great talent, but was not an "entertainer" *insert McMahon here*
  4. The Kofi Kingston push comes to mind from back in 2009. You can argue he wasn't ready but the fans really took to it.
  5. Probably Vader.
  6. Roddy Pipper I find it unbelievable that he never won a world title in WWE. That pretty much explains it.​
    Also the entire Divas Division.​

    EDIT: Rick Rude also should be on this list. Midcarder for life.
  7. Anyone from the 80's/Early 90's *Cough* Hulk Hogan *Cough*, Cody Rhodes, Roddy Piper, Drew McIntyre, Curtis Axel when he was in Nexus.
  8. Vader sounds about right (thanks Shawn). Piper could've been better utilized as well.
  9. I disagree with the Piper talk. He was the ying to Hogan's yang in the 80s, the top heel throughout the decade. You can't just point to 'never won the title' because tons of great guys didn't back then. There was a difference in how titles were booked then and now. Now anyone with an ounce of talent and popularity is given a world title run. Back then it didn't work like that.

    Piper headlined the original Wrestlemania. He was put into the most popular program for Wrestlemania 2 w/ Mr. T. Piper's Pit was one of the most popular segments in the WWF in the 80s/early 90s. It has spawned cheap knock off after cheap knock off, most recently with Miz TV.
  10. He never won the title because he kept taking breaks then left for WCW
  11. I also agree with Piper not being misused. Without him drawing nuclear heat at the foundation of Hulkamania and the expansion of WWF, things are nowhere near as heated as they were. The Hogan/Piper feud carried over from The War To Settle The Score, which was aired on MTV (big deal back then) and you had several musicians on that show giving their take on the actions of Piper and how they looked forward to Hogan giving him his comeuppance. This, of course, all lead into the original Wrestlemania. Winning a world title wouldn't have made his career somehow better, as heels rarely kept the title back then anyway. Going all the way back to the first ever WWWF world champion with "Nature Boy" Buddy Rogers, heels only kept the championship for maybe a month or two and were seen as simply the champ who transitioned the belt from baby face to baby face. The only exception was Billy Graham in the late 70's. It wouldn't be until Yokozuna in 1993-94 that a heel would keep the strap for several months again.

    As for most underused, I'd have to go with Vader as well. Whether it be Shawn Michaels' politics or Vader's injury or a combination of the two, the angle with Psycho Sid winning the title at Survivor Series 1996 and then losing it back to HBK in his hometown at Royal Rumble 1997 was supposed to go to Vader. It was to have carried over from their '96 Summerslam main event and it's the reason the December In Your House that year was called "It's Time", which was Vader's catchphrase.

    This could have given Vader a huge main event rub with this, so much so that when the time came for the Austin/Vince story line in '98, Vader could have been one of the opponents Vince used to try and take the belt from Austin. I loved heel Dude Love as well but I imagine an Austin/Vader feud could have been just as good.
  12. I'll take the modern road here and say Drew Mcintyre is pretty misused. I always enjoyed him. That's about all I can think about for now.
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  13. McIntyre is so painfully average in every way possible, I just can't see the appeal.
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  14. Yea but he's still better than Mahal and Slater. I think he should at least ride on the mid-card instead of jobbing with those two each week.

  15. Slater has more potential IMO. Saying he is better than Mahal is nothing. Mahal is the drizzling shits.
  16. True hahah. I enjoy Slater as well, I suppose Slater and Mcintyre both probably deserve better. Just anything better than 3MB.
  17. I've posted my thoughts on Slater a bunch of times, but I think 3MB is a career killing gimmick. People say "oh no, the right booking can save anyone!" but some shit you just don't overcome. This isn't quite Eugene levels of career suicide, but it is close.
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  18. Speaking modern I'm going to say Cesaro. They gave him a generic ass foreign heel gimmick and it didn't work. It was so painful to see him job every week as the US CHAMPION on main event and sometimes RAW. I'm hoping Zeb Colter can help him out somehow but without a doubt Cesaro is the most misused talent in today's wrestling world.
  19. IMO i think that they wasted Alex Riley probably one of the most memorable moments is where The Miz fired him and slapped him then he got his ass kicked
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  20. Lashley and Benjamin for me two guys I feel couldve done more in the E.
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