WrestleMania Biggest Regrets from the Road to Wrestlemania

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by TPGWLW, Mar 27, 2015.

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  1. Hey y'all.

    Here are mine:

    What are yours?
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  2. I don't mind this at all...but you are about 4x too long. More vids, more views, less time demanding my attention. A 30 min show like It's always sunny, workaholics, archer, etc take 5 minutes less time to watch than your video. I still could watch the shit, but I only have seen you here to random post like Metal Jesus on Gamefaqs. Oh well.
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  3. that video is 27:40 minutes too long, sorry
  4. Fair points, all.
  5. My biggest regret is comparing this year to last year. With the exception of Sting, WWE can honestly fuck itself. This is worse than Katie Vick and Florida Georgia Line combined.
  6. Oh great, now all I've got in my head is Florida Georgia Line humping a mannequin in a coffin. It's a vivid image.
  7. I'll listen to it in parts. I like your videos, keep posting them here.
  8. No please lelelel. BTW I agree with most of your opinions, you basically have my exact opinions.
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  9. What was Kennedy's biggest regret from the Bay of Pigs?
  10. Mine was watching Raw.
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  11. - No Miz/Sandow match, No Goldy/Starry match.
    - Not having Ryback look like a beast enough.
    - 2 Celebrity Segments on the 'Go Home' show.
    - Los Matadores not having a better push, El Torito pinning Natalya doesn't count.

    Those are just a couple, I would think of more but my brain is a tad mushy today.
  12. I do agree that this year isn't as good as last year, but I don't think WWE is doing anything near as bad as Katie vick and Florida.
  13. The whole bloody build-up towards Mania has been lackluster. So, yeah, gotta agree with Leo there.

    I also have to agree with Sharpy when it comes to Stardust vs Goldust and Miz vs Mizdow not being singles matches on the main card.

    But the biggest regret was the go-home show for WM, it was just an unadulterated garbage.
    The segment that sucked the most from that episode was the final segment with Reigns and Lesnar playing tug of war. I mean, seriously...
  14. Comparing this to last year. WWE put it all in for the 30th anniversary, of course this Mania isn't going to be on the same level as WrestleMania 30, 20 or even 10.
  15. I think the top feuds would have been a lot better if they had used a few of the ideas I had, but it's too late for that now. In a way, it's almost irrelevant because no one is gonna care much about how the whole build went when they go back and re-watch the show years later, especially since WWE's production team are so slick they could produce a 3-minute video recap (the ones you see played before the PPV matches) that could make even a lackluster feud look as if it were exciting.
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  16. I agree with you. However, I do feel that some builds to a feud make a lasting impact. For example, ill ever forget randy and triple h's build up at mania 26. It was awesome. And Batista and Cena. Shawn and taker. I mean it's true that, more often than not, people don't care. But I love the build ups. And this year roman and brock was worthless. Bray and taker wAs okay. Triple h and sting should've been better. Seth and orton is the only one that seems to honestly have some decent build.
  17. The recent shows could have been better. I dunno. Even though it's not the greatest possible card, it's still Wrestlemania and I'm still excited for it. It's been a part of my for near 30 years and I've seen much worse cards (including my first Wrestlemania in person, 13). I would have preferred maybe Charlotte coming up and beating the holy shit out of Nikki Bella and getting the Divas title. Other than that, I'm okay with the show.
  18. Are you kidding me? Wrestlemania 13 has a top 3 Mania match of all time not to mention it had the GOAT build. That alone trumps everything on this shit card X 10

    lol fuck this. nobody is looking at the mania card from a futuristic perspective. We are looking at it right now, and the build sucked and it absolutely detracts from the PPV in the here and now.

  19. Yes, the submission match was a great match, since I assume that's the one you're talking about. But that was it.

    Since I'm speaking from my viewpoint, which I've mentioned over and Over, I'm not an Undertaker fan so the main event meant nothing to me. In addition Rockabilly vs Flash Funk annoyed me due to the idiotic gimmicks. Rocky Maivia vs the Sultan was pointless and painful. There were three tag team matches on the card and I don't like tag matches.

    However you seemed to have missed my point, which was that even though I didn't think it had a good card, I still ended up enjoying it. And I did have a good time in spite of the fact that I didn't like the card.

    So, to answer your question, no I'm not kidding you.
  20. I guess but some things are just worth the price of admission. You saw that match live and it must have been amazing. It could have been a 1 match show and you got your money's worth. That is one of very few matches I periodically go back to randomly watch from time to time, and you saw it LIVE man. How dare you complain about Wrestlemania 13. :angry:

    Just my opinion. Then again I've never been bothered to go to as much as a house show, so what do I know
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