Biggest segment ruiner in WWE history?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Rysenberg, Sep 2, 2012.

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  1. Who would you say ruined the most good segments in WWE? And I'm not just on about who's segments were the worst, I mean who always interrupted good promos/matches and just made them shit?

    First one that springs to mind for me is Big Show. Every time there's a good segment and then all of a sudden we hear "Weeeeeeeel it's the Big Shooooooow" I just die inside.

    So, who is it for you then?
  2. I agree with you. Big Showwwww... :((
  3. Show has to be up there, as will Cena. Show is obvious but usually when John comes out you get the same generic stuff, it's possibly worse then Show as he's shown he's above that.
  4. Yeah Show :emoji_slight_frown: Even at this year's Royal Rumble, when he entered #30. I was expecting Christian.
  5. never thought about this before, but big show has ruined quite a few lately :@@
  6. You're right. Can't he just get back to mid card.
  7. Big Show and Cena.
  8. Big Show for sure. Although ''It's a sheamful thing, lobster head'' is hella annoying too. It's happening too often right now. Good enough for a mention.
  9. Yeah, Sheamus is another buzzkill. Whenever you have a heel cutting an awesome promo and you listen to one of these three theme songs and their "I'm a giant, fat bonus etc etc" *insert kiddy promo here* and *childish joke that only canned in pops react to* it's horrible.
  10. Indeed. Sandow would've talked his ass out off the building at SD if he didn't use his corny boring jokes..
  11. Yeah. But what can we do if top faces are marketed towards kids?
  12. Learn them about the truth.:dawg:
  13. I came into this thread thinking the same thing... Big Show
  14. Aye, Big Show and Cena definitely. Vickie, sometimes... but not so much anymore for me. I honestly just wish she'd do something with that godawful voice.
  15. Big Show and Sheamus
  17. Whenever "My Time is Now" plays over the loudspeakers, you know nothing good can come out of the rest of the segment, unless it's a really hot feud (see Rock and Punk). The material he gets will be terrible and a TV match won't be good.
  18. Face Sheamus. The only entertainment I get from him coming to the ring during a decent segment/match is being able to shout the various misheard lyrics to his theme to distract myself from the fact he's about to make me very angry.

    Lobster Head and Too Many Limes can only make me smile so many times though.
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  19. So true.

    Should have ended it with "Lobster Head and Too Many Limes can only make me smile so many times", that's a great quote.
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