Biggest transfers this summer?

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Jul 2, 2012.

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  1. I don't follow personnel moves at all in world football like I do for other sports I follow.. it's quite a chore and really my only choice is to read articles online. Instead of me googling it I'll just ask the football nerds here (Crayo)

    What were the biggest transfers this summer? Mostly interested in EPL/Serie A and teams that are going to be in the champions league next year.

    thanks in advance :finger:
  2. The biggest signature this summer IMO, will be Huddersfield Town retaining last seasons top goalscorer in England Jordan Rhodes.
  3. gtfo my thread :haha:
  4. The biggest so far this year has to be Hazard, mainly because of the interest in him and the way he announced it. He's moved to Chelsea (only because they won CL final too), when Barca, Real, Man City, Man United and Arsenal were all publicly interested in signing him. In the end he said "I'll be moving to one of teh Manchester Clubs or Chelsea, I'll announce it on twitter", so there was tons of buzz.

    I'm not sure if Hulk has completely signed for Chelsea or not, but this here says he has, which again will be one of the most high profile signings of the year. Manchester United have signed Shinji Kagawa, the Japanese sensation who has been the top scoring midfielder two years in a row in the Bundesliga and is in the Bundesliga team of the year (most assists too I think) - he's an awesome midfielder.

    Barcelona have signed Jordi Alba, the amazing LB you saw for Spain last night for £14m I think. Real Madrid are begging Man City or Spurs to sign either David Silva or Modric. Manchester United is the other club reportedly in for Modric, apparently Modric WILL sign for one of those teams after publicly stating he doesn't want to stay at Tottenham.

    Lavezzi has moved from Napoli to PSG (the French version of Man City), Lavezzi is awesome.

    That's all from the top of my head, I know I'm forgetting one which is bugging me.
  5. This summers main moves are currently Kagawaga from Dortmund to Man U and Marin and Hazard to Chelsea. Biggest rumours are Modric to Madrid possibly with Sahin going to Spurs, Hulk to Chelsea for about £35 million and Luiz going to Barca.
  6. :dafuq:, take it I'm the only one that sees this as a big transfer (well retain) then?:haha:
  7. Way to sum up my massive post in a sentence. At least I ninja'd you. :emoji_slight_frown:

    That was it. Mourin. OH, and Podolski to Arsenal and some young French striker.
  8. These fags don't know football exists out of the PL Mark, I thought Jordan was off to Reading?


    Olivier Giroud for about £12 million looks to be a good deal IMO, although I thought Chamak would be a good signing also.
  9. Pfft I'm a keen follower of the championship. League 1 just bores me though (WAITING FOR THE FLAMES).
  10. Who is Marin? Hulk to Chelsea would be sweet
  11. A decent midfielder from Werder Bremen I believe, who were the team who produced the awesome Ozil.
  12. I hope to god he doesn't, but the rumor is that Reading are offering Morrison (who I want after he impressed on loan) and a region of 6 mil. Luckily for us, we have a chairman who loves the club (used to sit in stands before he bought Town), and he will do everything he can to keep Rhodes, another bonus is that we are healthy as a club, so we don't actually need to sell him.


    I agree, League one is shit, bores the heck out of me, luckily I don't need to follow that league any more. Will you be watching Town on Sky against Cardiff?
  13. Ofc. I watch all championship matches, the football sometimes is awesome to watch lol. Cardiff need to stop flopping and get in the PL already.

    Also, Dolph's: "Spanish sports paper As reveals Real Madrid's bid to sign Luka Modric has hit the buffers with Nuri Sahin refusing to go to Tottenham in part-exchange. It's claimed Real are baulking at the huge asking price and United are viewing the developments as 'good news'. Modric is said to be Sir Alex's No1 target in the article by Guillem Balague although Joao Moutinho is reportedly another option with an enquiry made to Porto."

    Awesome news for United fans.
  14. Really hoping that Neymar and Hulk will be picked up by a big club.
  15. They would be a perfect signing for Utd
  16. :haha:
  17. Neymar will end up at Barca IMO.
  18. Hulk seems to have gone to Chelsea. Neymar will only be in Spain.

    Not really (not sure if sarcasm though), if you were to ask me our strengths it'd be our wings and striker. We need CM's. Kagawa is awesome, Modric alongside him would be the icing on the top of the cake,although I'd want Dempsey but we won't get him if we get Modric.

    We also need a fucking LB, Evra is inconsistent now.
  19. You're linked to Baines aren't you?
  20. I meant to type 'that' not 'they'- I was referring to Modric, not Neymar/Hulk
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