News Bill DeMott is a piece of shit once more and has stepped down

Discussion in 'NXT' started by Stopspot, Mar 3, 2015.

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  1. What does WWE have to say about it?
    To which Nemeth said "They never contacted me, so much for a full scale investigation".
  2. Fuck WWE for employing this piece of shit.
  3. I don't see why they keep him as a trainer, it's not like he's a former great. His greatest accomplishment was being the first guy to lose Goldberg, fuck outta here. He must have some major stuff on a higher up if they allow him to stay employed.
  4. DeMott probably has some dirt on them to which they're not releasing them or WWE is just retarded which is likely.
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  5. I don't think your in ring career has much to do with how you are as a trainer. Who cares if he WAS an all time great? Nobody should get away with treating wrestling trainees like this. It is not only wrong to treat people like this, it is counter productive.

    It also crossed my mind that Demott must have something on Vince, as cliche as that theory would be. Why else would they keep this moron employed? I hope some former students get together and sue Demott for physical and mental anguish
  6. Do what any battered wife would do and get it on tape.
    Donald Sterling, Ray Rice and Dez Bryant (among others) have emptier pockets now because of TMZ and the silent eye (or ear) witness.
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  7. Bill's a piece of shit? Surprise, surprise.
  8. They have a shit bag in charge and fail to resolve the problems that several former NXT talents are speaking out about. WWE needs to fix their shit. Seeing guys from Briley to EC3 talk about this and Bill needs to GTFO. Don't Team 3D have an academy? Get them in.
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  9. Jericho tweeted defending Demott but has deleted it earlier this morning.

    EC3 and Joey Ryan spoke against him.

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  10. Add former WWE star and current ROH and NJPW star Trent Beretta to the list of guys speaking up against Demott.

    This one was released yesterday in connection with the article/reddit thread.

    And this one is in connection to the Jericho debacle.
  11. It's a good thing more people are speaking up about this. WWE should fire his ass.
  12. Is it fair to assume that if you can't handle Demott, than you can't handle working for WWE?
    No current WWE talent seem to be complaining which leads me to believe these victims wouldn't cut it for WWE anyway.
    Rusev hasn't said anything and, though it could ruin his push if he did complain, I doubt that he would anyway.
    WWE is a brutal business where fans will sh*t on you and you will work through injury. If not, WWE will find somebody who will.
    These kids are soft. I don't agree with Demott's methods, but that company treats human beings like cattle. Vince has never cared for his employees, so why are people suddenly up in arms?
    Just because society has become wussified and overly sensitive, doesn't mean WWE wants its talents to be that way too. If you have thin skin, work somewhere else.
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  13. Nice contrarian take nancy.

    You aren't doing any prospect a favor by doing things that put their careers into jeopardy. From the sounds of it Demott is damn lucky nobody has sustained a career ending injury from some of the shit he pulls. Having newcomers do shit like performing monkey flips is dangerous and helps nobody. Forcing people to train when they are injured isn't being tough, it is being incredibly ignorant. Slapping someone in the face with a concussion should be punishable by death. Not to mention the harassment allegations that have been alive for years. I'm fully aware you probably don't really believe what you typed and were just looking to stir the pot, but dude... duuuuuuuuude. You can't defend this piece of shit.
  14. Most likely because of WWE's corporate culture, they break talent down to not complain and instill the idea that you cannot work anywhere else and be a big name. So why complain if that means losing your job in the "big time"?

    Non of these guys are thin skinned. Wrestling is a tough business, not just in the WWE. Any wrestling school operates on the mentality of tough love, to break you to rebuild you. Key factor here is that Demott by all reports just focuses on the breaking, not rebuilding. When Harley Race, a tougher man than Demott will ever be speaks out you know something is up.
  15. He's already done this. A former developmental talent had to retire due to complications stemming from an injury suffered to his leg when training with Demott. I think he tried suing WWE but nothing came off it. But this guy ain't wrestling no more.
  16. Are you asking if I would do it? No, I wouldn't waste my time striking another person without provocation.
    This isn't about me, this is about how that company rolls. WWE allows abuse because WWE promotes abuse.
    If it wasn't for Eddie Guerrero biting it in a hotel room, there would be no wellness policy at all.
    If Chris Benoit hadn't gone apesh*t, we would still be in the Ruthless Aggression Era.

    These were publicity moves WWE made and what goes on behind closed doors is a different story altogether. For a company like this to not give out health insurance is laughable to me. Laughable.

    @Stopspot We agree. We're saying the same thing with different lingo.
  17. Except your post presented it as the guys speaking out being in the wrong or "too weak". Something I do not agree with.
    Who knows where the careers of these guys would have gone had Demott not ruined them? Devlin is a legitimate University professor outside of wrestling, Traven is a touted prodigy of Harley. Briley Pearce was for all it was worth basically a younger version of his brother (Dolph).

    That's 3 possible valuable commoddities for the E that Demott's teachings has squandered.
  18. So you are trying to say (in very poor wording) that WWE is just as guilty, if not more so, for enabling this douche bag to be the douche he is? I don't disagree there, but that is no reason to excuse Demott being the world's biggest son of a bitch.

    edit: And certainly no reason to call the people who call him on his bullshit soft or weak.
  19. Agreed. However, I don't know that either of those three would have been commodities at all for that company.

    I'm saying Demott does it because he is allowed to do it. If Vince hated bullying, he wouldn't allow it in development. It's been years now, so Vince must approve of it.
    You're right. I am calling them weak only because they signed up to work for Vince McMahon. If you care about your health, don't sign with WWE. This is the point I've been making for years.
    It's like dating somebody who has a reputation for cheating. If you date the person and they cheat, you're the fool not her.
  20. You don't sign someone to a contract in pro wrestling unless you think they will or can be a commodity.
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