Bill DeMott reportedly replaced as head trainer for NXT

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Stopspot, Jan 12, 2013.

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  2. Well, could see it happening after they complained about how hard his training was or something like that. Gunn seems like a suitable replacement.
  3. Hopefully this will mean better in ring skills in general from the wrestlers. Hopefully they don't forget mic skills and charisma as well.
  4. I've always thought they should hire Piper to help the developmental talent with promo skills. Wy not learn from one of the best? Hopefully Dusty is getting involved in that aspect as well.
  5. Road Dogg works as a producer for WWE. A couple of classes with him would be great in my opinion.
  6. Hopefully they don't end up as dull as him, great athlete but that was all he had.
  7. Yeah, they need to have other people to help the newbs with charisma. Let Road Dogg help them on promo/talking as well as some other dope talkers. "Todays guest speaker is Y2J class".
  8. Road Dogg would work or even Jake Roberts, of course Jericho would be dope at that.
  9. Road Dogg is very underrated on the stick in my opinion. People know that he is good but people seem to forget the way he could capture the entire crowd by just saying "Oh you didn't know".
  10. Bill DeMott deserves to lose this head trainer position he is a bully and just by watching tough enough years ago you can totally see what hes really like
  11. I heard Dogg helps new talent in the entertainment section. Great teacher if you ask me. Roberts would also be dope but I think he's still taking care of his problems.
  12. Don't know how reliable the sources are, but it still might be up in the air.
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