Bill Gates Will Give Away 95 Perchent Of His Money

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Testify, Jan 23, 2013.

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  1. 95 perchent to completely exterminate children's cerebral paralysis, and one billion will stay to his kids.

    Here's and idea Bill: Give one million to TNA!:vince:
  2. With that we can re-sign Knobbs and Saggs brother :hogan:
  3. Damn. That's pretty awesome.
  4. And Orlando Jordan!
  5. That's probably what Hogan would do with that money...After getting that knee surgery brother! :hogan:
  6. Perchent :dawg:

    And is 5% of his wealth ONE BILLION? F*ck me!
  7. 5% is mulitple billions, as he has more than one child.

    He is going to give most of it to organizations he has funded, and nothing really is to gain from it as it will be taxed the huge % first, and then move forward. All i can say is i hope he dies soon, our country needs those funds back into the GDP.
  8. I thought that this was common knowledge.
  9. Me to. It's been well known that this is in Gates will.
  10. :true:

  11. Yeah! :steiner:
  12. Yeah it's definitely mandatory now'adays to know what is in Gates' will... lol

    I didn't know this, what a generous guy.
  13. Survey says: it's common knowledge
  14. Yeah I did actually think most people who used the internet knew this tbh. He signed up to this organisation, can't remember the name, but like tonnes of the worlds richest people are signed up to it and over 90% of their wealth goes to good causes when they die.
  15. How about 1 Billion Dollar to me so I can buy WWE AND MAKE IT BACK INTO WHAT IT USE TO BE!
  16. So you wish death upon someone so that you don't have to pay as much taxes? :nope:
  17. You can't remember the name? I thought it was common knowledge? I pity you.

  18. Someone's british.
  19. Oh?
  20. His money wont change our taxes, but it might help stimulate the economy. No, i dont wish death on him, but if i did, it wouldnt be for the dumbass reason you assumed. learn2read.
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