Bill Goldberg Teases The Return Of The Spear & Comments On His Future With WWE!?

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  1. Former WWE & WCW wrestler Bill Goldberg teased a return to the ring on Twitter on Wednesday.

    WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross was asked whether there’s a chance we’ll see Goldberg as a surprise entrant in Sunday’s Royal Rumble pay-per-view. JR said, “Highly unlikely” and Goldberg replied, “How about NO” and “Not a chance in hell.”

    A fan told Goldberg, “Such a shame… The Spear needs to been seen once again!!” He replied, “It’s coming.” Another fan said it’s not cool for Goldberg to tease a return to the ring if he doesn’t mean it, to which Goldberg replied, “I mean it….”

    Goldberg said “I think it’s common knowledge about my feelings towards the WWE……” When another fan asked Goldberg, “I’m guessing this means you will never be in the WWE again?,” he said, “Great guess…”


    Goldberg returning at the Rumble would make me MARK THE FUCK OUT if he return to the Rumble! I would like to see the look on that Goldberg RIP OFF FACE WWE HAS! And Goldberg come into the ring and then just SPEAR THE WHOLE HELL OUT OF RYBACK AHAHAH GOLDBERG RIP OFF! THAT WOULD MAKE MY FUCKIN DAY! COULD IT HAVE BEEN!? What do you all think!? :pipebomb:
  2. :nope: If Hogan gets some of Gates' money, maybe he'll show up in TNA :lol1:
  3. Isn't he like 50 years old? I'd mark if he was in his 30s again.
  4. he in his 40's!
  5. Bill Goldberg:

    William Scott "Bill" Goldberg is an American television presenter, actor and former professional wrestler and National Football League defensive tackle.


    Born: December 27, 1966 (age 46)

    Pretty close to 50 but still technically in his 40s
  6. he almost the same age as Undertaker! So what the big deal!? He still spage just like Taker!?
  7. Would be alright to see him as a surprise Rumble entrant, no harm there.
  8. WAIT!?!?! Who is that impostering Ryback?

    j/k Pretty cool if he does show
  9. Gohan I think Goldberg was implying that he is going to TNA. He claims that the last of the spear has not been seen, but he will return to the ring. TNA would pay him well, not as good as WWE, but good enough.
  10. Did anyone actually read it? There isn't a chance in hell he's returning.
  11. Seeing the title:


    Seeing who made the thread:

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  12. Reading the article:
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  15. I'd like to see him appear in a segment and spear the living shit out of someone, but a legitimate wrestling match at this point would be pretty painful to watch unless he's serious about getting back to ring shape and dusting off all the ring rust by training hard.
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  17. Aces & Eights leader OMGZ
  18. Goldberg puts over Ryback. :yes:
  19. I wouldn't mark one bit if he returned, and I certainly wouldn't want him to squash current talent. He's egotistical as fuck so that would most likely be his demand, but if he returned to put Ryback over then I would be down.
  20. Yeah, even though some people would rage, Goldberg putting Ryback over would be pretty good to see. Don't think he'd be down for it, though.
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