Bill Graham on Bruno Sammartino

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  1. Superstar Billy Graham on Sammartino: “Bruno is a lying hypocrite”

    From Superstar Billy Graham to all of my deeply appreciated Facebook friends and the rest of the wrestling world.

    Sadly Bruno is a lying HYPOCRITE to all of you fans. He has told you he received only 5 thousand dollars like the rest of the WWE Hall of Fame inductees. WRONG , He told a mutual personal friend that ” He received Mike Tyson type money and is set for life to go into the WWE Hall of Fame ” Now he is in love with Vince McMahon and in the same class for this horrific lie. ” My fans deserve the truth and here it is, after 30 plus years of hating Vinee and the WWE he is now one of them. See and hear the full story in my new DVD ” Face to Face ” that you can buy on my website. Keep the faith. Billy

  2. I believe him, there was an article about him receiving more than the others a few weeks ago. However, if the tables were turned I doubt Billy wold turn down a ton of money to appear on WWE TV, despite his rants.
  3. I know may piss user off but seruiesly Billy Graham need to :stfu: I mean the got was put in the WWE HOF back during WMXX like 12 years ago and he crying like baby that Bruno Sammartino when in. He call Bruno Sammartino HYPOCRITE yet he HYPOCRITE TO b/c he in WWE HOF FOR 12 YEARS. And the only that have been is if he did buildness with VInce hell I think he did a WWE DVD with WWE! He need :stfu: about Bruno Sammartino being HYPOCRITE! B/c if that so he just as much as a HYPOCRITE AS Bruno Sammartino is. And now he bitch and cry about getting take out off the WWE HOF! HE JUST NEED TO LEAVE IT ALONE SHUT UP!
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  4. Billy Graham is just mad because he needs that kind of money for his pads and tampons.
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