"Bill Nye the Science Guy" Names

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  1. If every celebrity had a name like "Bill Nye the Science Guy" what would they be called?

    Example : William Shatner the over Actor

    The last name rhymes with the last word. I think you guys get it. Use any celebrity you want.
  2. Hulk Hogan the nigga hater.

    :pipebomb: :okay:
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  3. Katy Perry the big boob lady.
  4. Brita The Steal Threads From Reddit Gal
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  5. :mad2:

    You all suck at rhyming :okay:
  6. Mine kinda rhymed :angry:
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  8. Roman Reigns I'm THE Guy Guy
  9. Sha-dow the incest ho
  10. Botchie the baby bitch.
  11. Charlie Sheen the cocaine machine.
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  12. Chris Pratt the guy who's no longer fat.
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