Billie Kay debuts on SmackDown, gets called up.

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Legit Boss, Jun 29, 2016.

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  1. [​IMG]
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  2. Huh. So getting new boobs speeds your call up up even more than expected!
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  3. I Ain't complaining lmao
  4. Who?
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  5. NXT Womens Wrestler. really good.
  6. your profile picture is fucked up pretty good team.
  7. Its Sasha Banks with a dog.
  8. Get new tits. get moved up.

    Granted she could have just been brought up to job
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  9. Then why change it? lol it's her open crotched with a dog covering it man. clickbait.
  10. Not really clickbait.. but sure, okay.
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  11. You two keep the banter out of the thread.

    No need to derail a thread that isn't even one page long
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  12. he started it. (ugh. feel like a fucking child now)
  13. Don't care who started it. I'm just pointing out that from here on out the thread stays on topic.
  14. :henry2:
  15. Derailing threads happens about 90% of the time here. If you think my posts aren't worth it, just delete em bro. NBD.
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  16. She hasn't done much of anything in NXT, but is clearly talented. Peyton Royce, too. I'm a bit surprised they haven't teamed 'em up yet on TV.

    Anyways... This unannounced debut of hers doesn't mean it's an official call-up to the main roster. As Stop's already stated above, she may've been there only to do the job.
  17. This match is probably better than the boring Summer Rae match that happened on Smackdown.
  18. Its Summer Rae lmao, anything that involves her is boring.
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  19. Valid point, that's why her match was cut on RAW.
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