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    So in case you missed it, Billy Corgan (yes, Smashing Pumpkins Corgan) bought the name, rights, library, titles, the entire shabang that is the National Wrestling Alliance after his fallout with TNA.

    After all that went down, people starting asking what Billy was going to do with the NWA, and he seems to be very committed to pro wrestling long term. He wants to be involved and he wants to bring the NWA brand back. Maybe not to the level it was at, but back in some form where it is a place for wrestlers to make money.

    So far his focus seems to be on getting the name and brand out there again before a "re-start" for the NWA next year. And to do so he seems to be shacking up with David Marquez, promoter of championship wrestling from Hollywood and head of the united wrestling network. Marquez is also a former NWA president and during his run the CWFH was the main stomping ground for the NWA titles. And the CWFH is going near nationwide with their weekly TV show this fall. Going up on CW stations across America. So it seems like a partnership to benefit both from what little we know.

    To follow the exploits of Corgan's NWA you can sub to their youtube. You can find a real nifty and honestly well produced little documentary style thing going on there about the NWA and it's world title as well.

    Let's see what Billy makes of the good old NWA.
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  2. This is actually pretty cool. With TNA losing more and more credibility all the time and the other companies being super niche, it's nice to see someone trying to do this. Best of luck to Corgan
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  3. When I originally heard that Corgan bought the NWA, I was very happy. I have absolutely no doubt that he cares about wrestling as a product first and foremost. With a net worth of 50 million dollars, he doesn't need money (and is unlikely to be getting it from the NWA). He completely seems to be in this because he loves wrestling and that is great.

    I've honestly felt that the NWA could really bounce back. With 29 territories and hundreds of wrestlers in those territories, there has to be opportunity there. They just needed someone in the position running it that cares about it and wants to make it prominent again. I feel he could be the best choice.

    I watch a few promotions, I really loved NWA SAW when I first moved here until they took it off TV. I honestly hope and believe this could become something.
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  4. Definitely keeping an eye on this.
  5. I though NWA was disolved ages ago?
  6. Nope, they've consistently existed since 1948. Several member promotions of the NWA have dissolved but never the organization itself.
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  7. OIC,who are the big promotions currently under NWA?
  8. Technically there aren't any anymore. When Corgan purchased the NWA this year, all member promotion affiliations ended. So as of October 1, there are no NWA promotions. So we're not absolutely sure what he's going to do with it. Some have said that he's going to not allow new promotions to enter it and might try to make the NWA it's own self contained promotion like WWE or ROH. No one seems to be sure yet.

    But TNA and ECW both started out as NWA promotions. In the past years some big ones were NWA Wildside, which is now closed. Championship Wrestling from Hollywood, which still exists and seems like it might become the new NWA possibly. The current NWA World Champion, Tim Storm, was wrestling for NWA Texoma wrestling when he became champion. Now he is just on the independent circuit. A few recent champions have been from NWA Branded Outlaw Wrestling.

    But yeah, as of October 1, there are no territories anymore. It makes it really interesting what Corgan might do with it.
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  9. I feel like he'll make a brand new company with the NWA name, since that has a lot of name value (surprisingly enough). You know, I'd rather tune in the NWA TV than Billy Corgan's Bombastic Brawl, then he may try to use that momentum to carry them to a high profile company, kinda like TNA in the mid-late 2000s. I think the end goal is to be the number 2 wrestling promotion in the Americans and Europe and the number 3 promotion in Asia
  10. It's bittersweet for me, actually. I like indie wrestling and I have a great respect for the territory system... and yeah, the territory system has been dead since the late 80s. The NWA has been trying to keep it alive for a long time and it's worked in a minor way. Only problem is that whenever any company used the NWA as a platform for success (ECW, TNA), they withdrew from the NWA almost right away. The NWA name has helped indie wrestling promotions get a boost. I guess those days are over but I hope and think Billy Corgan might be the person to do something new. If the right amount of work is put it into it, I think it can become the number 2 promotion in the country.
  11. Here's the latest series of the NWA's video series to hype up their reboot. This time putting focus on Nick "Magnus" Aldis. It seems like the reboot event will obviously be built around Aldis vs Storm for the NWA worlds heavyweight belt

  12. I clicked. I saw Billy Corgan. I left.
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  13. The next episode is up, featuring Corgan talking about why he bought the NWA and what he wants to do with it. @Jacob Fox will probably find this interesting.

    Tim Storm officially defends the NWA World title against Nick Aldis on November 12th at Championship wrestling from Hollywood.
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  14. I did enjoy that and I'll like be spending a lot more interest in Championship Wrestling from Hollywood, which will be easier since I have washed my hands of Impact.
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  15. I've enjoyed these videos the NWA has produced. Props to Corgan on being a money mark for the long run. That is what I imagine as a best case scenario for my life on the long run, personally. Hopefully this thing works out for him and he can at least get the NWA some respect on an indy level close to ROH or something.
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  16. Again, I have to mention how happy I am that it is Corgan doing this and not someone else. I remember back when I was younger that he was a huge fan of Windy City Wrestling, like me. And he definitely comes across as a lifer.

    This could be do or die for the NWA though. By making it a self contained promotion, if it fails, then that could just be the end of it. Fortunately, Corgan has the money that he wouldn't have to feel like he has to sell to Vince f it fails.

    I don't mean to talk about the NWA just in failing context, though. There's a big divide in perception of the NWA. Many people like me see it as an important historical belt and concept and would like it to continue and be great again. Others see it as a dead "promotion," and I think many of those people don't understand that it never was a promotion. Its perception is mixed with WCW to a degree, with too many people wrongfully thinking that the "NWA became the WCW" and then failed. I hope that Corgan's influence will help bring some status back in the eyes of the people who see it negatively.

    I will miss watching the various NWA territories and seeing them as such. Yeah, I know the promotions previously under the NWA banner still exist on their own. I will still watch them too. But really, I wish that Corgan would continue the territory aspect along with having one major promotion, much like Jim Crockett did in the 80s.

    Eh, I am all over the place, I know. I am just really, really excited about this. I am very glad now that Corgan didn't get involved too much in the TNA trainwreck at the end. I think this is much better for him and for wrestling.
  17. TBF we don't know what Corgan is planning. And having a central NWA promotion does not rule out allowing other promotions to be territories per say. You could still allow "Alabama Pro" to be "NWA Alabama Pro" and having a regional belt, and have a central NWA promotion with TV and it's own stories and such.

    But for the last couple of years being a NWA territory has just been a cost for the promotions. They had to pay a fairly pricey membership fee to the NWA office and were required to book the champions X amount of times per year. So Corgan setting up a central promotion and allowing "territories" to be off shoots could be the way to go.
  18. Oh yeah, I understand. I am just thinking out loud for the most part. He definitely appears to be a traditionalist so I can see him doing that. Regardless of what he does, though, I'm interested. When your work is a labor of love rather than just trying to make money, you tend to put out much better work. He's obviously not in it for the money alone so I think he's going to put forth a product from his heart and that is why I know this can be good :emoji_slight_smile:
  19. Here's probably the last episode of 10 pounds of gold to be released before Storm vs Aldis on Sunday.

    If there is one thing Corgan knows it is how to make you interested because my interested is legit peaked at this match. I want to see what happens with the NWA, and that is not something I thought I would say in 2017
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  20. God damn, now THAT was a hype package
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