Billy Gunn Comments On Dolph Ziggler Comparison

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Jose Tortilla, Aug 27, 2012.

  1. Good sportsmanship.. Laughing at doing his ''shit''. :dawg:
  2. "Oh crap, he does it better than I do!"
  3. Ain't he awesome! :laugh:
  4. Dolph is far more superior than him!!!
  5. Come on man, don't get me wrong. Dolph is my fav atm, but Billy was way underrated.
  6. Ziggler is so much better than Mr. Ass.
  7. Dolph has copied Billy's finisher and blonde hair look. Billy Gunn will always be better
  8. Badass billy gunn was awesome, but dolph is Mr Ass 2.0. :true:
  9. Ziggler doesn't even use the fameasser as his finisher. It's not like Ziggler using the fameasser is anywhere near the only move being used by a guy today that someone has used in the past, be real. So they have one move in common and sort of look the same.. in no way does this make Ziggler some knock off of Mr. Ass
  10. Also remember who you are replying to. DB > Punk and Taker > Lesnar. EVERY DIVA EVER > Kellykelly.
  11. Ziggler and billy gunn for tag team champions!
  12. And Kelly Kelly has stolen the looks of every other slut I see in town on a Saturday night. Only with bigger teeth.
  13. I said this months ago
  14. So?
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