Billy Kidman vs Hogan aka the hilarious WCW moments thread

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, Dec 25, 2013.

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    Horace Hogan that is :russo:

    This is typical late end WCW. Plus a plain horrible match, Kidman really had to carry Hogan (Hulk's legit nephew). Its hilarious for the wrong reasons.

    This is now the Hilarious WCW thread. Have at it
  2. can we make this a 2000-close WCW thread? so much greatness
  3. Eh, it was pretty decent for what it was. You''ll certainly find a lot worse from this era in WCW.

    I actually kinda enjoyed this storyline between Hogan and Bischoff at the time. It was cool seeing Bischoff turn on Hogan and go against him after their history together with the NWO, but they were crazy to think a cruiserweight like Billy Kidman could actually get over to a main event level just by going over Hogan (or Hogan was simply pulling a power play, agreeing to let a guy who he knows will never make it to a top tier level go over him so that it'll still give off the impression that he's trying to make new stars... although to be fair, there were literally only a couple of people still on the WCW roster at the time who could have possibly benefited from a win over Hogan.)
  4. Go!
  5. I'll post some stuff when I get home
  6. I'll be expecting Tank Abbott segments
  7. Russo in football pads
  8. Do people actually think Steiner isn't the best?
  9. Behold the (least) greatest moment in 2000 WCW:

  10. [​IMG]
    to be fair this was far from past the moment people realize WCW was fucked, at least in my world.
  11. To be fair even Arquette was against the idea as well. And he made it clear that all the money he was supposed to be paid for it instead was going to go to Owen Hart and Brian Pillman's widows #GoodGuyDavid
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  12. Did he actually give the cash to the widows?
  13. As far as I know he did. If it was in some form of fund or just directly to their accounts I don't know though.
  14. That was good of him.
  15. He also donated some of the money to Droz (who became paralyzed on Smackdown in late '99), if I recall correctly.
  16. That's cool of him, nice guy.
  17. Arquette was awesome, and i always loved Ready to Rumble.
  18. that's pretty cool, I had never heard that.
  19. Arquette hated the idea of winning the belt. Since he's a legit fan of wrestling and knew the fans would kill him. But Bischoff and Russo got this "glorious" idea of cross promoting ready to rumble and this was what they ended up with.
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  20. Even though Russo and Bischoff had the final say on it, you have to blame Tony Schiavone a little too, because he's the one who came up with the idea in the first place.

    To be honest, I can almost see the lure in putting the world title on a celebrity to garner publicity (not that I necessarily agree with it, but it's not like it isn't something the WWF hasn't come close to doing themselves) but like Scott Steiner said once in a shoot interview, "It's not like they were putting it on Arnold Schwarzenegger." I wonder if it would have been a little more well-received if it was on someone who was more of an A-lister (and what a terrible movie Ready To Rumble was IMO.)
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