Birth of a legacy defining rivalry!

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  1. reDRagon vs The Young Bucks Tomorrow Night Live on iPPV
    Very few times in sports history do you see rivalries develop that can define legacies. In the National Basketball Association it’s the Boston Celtics versus the Los Angeles Lakers and in Major League Baseball it’s the New York Yankees versus the Boston Red Sox. These two rivalries have encompassed generations of fans, caused many a passionate argument and sold a lot of tickets!
    In Ring Of Honor, we appear to be on the cusp of potentially the greatest legacy defining rivalry in company history. The combatants in this rivalry are current Ring Of Honor world tag team champions “The Infamous” Bobby Fish & Kyle O’Rielly known as reDRagon, and former ROH world Tag Team champions Nick and Matt Jackson, the Young Bucks! The two teams have already traded gold and competed against each other in 2 of the most talked about matches in professional wrestling in 2014.

    The current champions reDRagon where forged together in late 2012. They stormed the ROH world tag team scene, quickly putting everyone on notice. On March 2, 2013 they staked their claim as the best tag team in wrestling by defeating the already legendary 8 time ROH world tag team champion Briscoe Brothers in a shocker! Since March of 2013, reDRagon has over taken every team in ROH history in the record books, with the only exception being the longevity records of the Briscoe Brothers that come with 8 title reigns.

    In May of 2009 Nick & Matt Jackson, the Young Bucks debuted in Ring of Honor to much fan fare. While not capturing the tag team titles during their initial run, the team did go on to prove themselves as one of the greatest tag teams in modern history by debuting for New Japan Pro Wrestling in 2013 and quickly proving their greatness by winning the very prestigious NJPW Super Junior Tag Tournament . They also again showed their prowess by also winning the NJPW Jr Tag Team titles.

    On March 8, 2014 while reigning NJPW Jr Tag Team champions, the Young Bucks received a Ring Of Honor world tag team title shot and defeated reDRagon in Chicago Ridge, Il. Riding the confidence that helped them win gold in Japan, the Bucks in what some thought was an upset defeated reDRagon to become the new ROH Tag Team Champions!

    The Bucks 1st and last title defense was in New York City on May 17, 2014 at the aptly title War of the Worlds iPPV. The challengers were the hungry former champions, reDRagon. Fish & O’Rielly went into specific training for the rematch with current Ultimate Fighting Championship competitor “Filthy” Tom Lawlor. Lawlor trained Fish & O’Rielly on numerous aspects of the game, but most important was fine tuning of the mental aspects of the game that the Bucks offense and style brings. reDRagon executed their game plan to perfection and reclaimed the tag team titles in the world’s most famous city!

    The fans in the building and on iPPV across the world saw the 2 very best at what they do meet in only their second encounter. They saw the aerial brilliance and cockiness of the Bucks meet the hard hitting, MMA influence of reDRagon. This match was progressive in ring brilliance and a great example of the Ring Of Honor style.

    What happened that day was the beginning of a legacy defining rivalry! What’s a legacy defining rivalry? When you think of great teams of the past like The Rock N Roll Express, you automatically think of the Midnight Express and vice versa. When you think of hall of famer Ricky Steamboat, you think of Ric Flair! In ROH, when fans discuss reDRagon, the Young Bucks are always brought up in the conversation. When reDRagon walk the aisle, The Young Bucks are in the back of their heads. When the Young Bucks are announced for a Ring Of Honor show, fans clamor to see them matched against reDRagon. It brings feelings of do or die playoff football or the majesty world series Game 7 in baseball. For ROH fans it gives them a chance to be part of history!

    On Saturday September 6, 2014 in Toronto , Canada, the next chapter in this rivalry will be written. It will not be a standard 1 fall contest, this title match will take fans back to the roots of tag team wrestling and be decided in a 2 out of 3 falls contest. While this will be a throwback match in terms of rules, it will be nothing short of dazzling when it comes to in ring wizardry. When the bell rings, you will see the 2 best teams in the world fighting to prove, not only to themselves but to the fans of Ring of Honor, New Japan and the world that they are without a doubt the very best. What we will see is the genesis of a true legacy defining rivalry.

    Who is the best?? Is it reDragon? Or is it The Young bucks? If you are close to the Mattamy Athletic Center in Toronto, do yourself a favor and buy a ticket to see the history! If you are not, clear your schedule and visit and watch All Star Extravaganza on iPPV!!!

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