Birthday Competition Thread - Enter Now!

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Jonathan, Jun 21, 2012.

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  1. It's my Birthday on June 25th, so to celebrate and give back to this awesome site for all it's gave me, I will be giving out some prizes.

    This thread will be used to collect entries.
    All you have to do to enter is post a number between #1 and #25.
    Once all numbers have been chosen, I will use to pick the winners. The first person to post the number will get it.

    • 1st place will receive: Legend upgrade*, an invite to a premium wrestling torrent site, which has the fastest and best quality releases on the net.
      An invite to Demonoid, and 5 reputation.

      *If you are not eligible for Legend, you will receive a Superstar upgrade. If you are already Superstar, this will be passed onto 2nd prize.
      If the same happens with the winner of the 2nd prize, this will be passed onto 3rd prize. If that happens again, I will compile the numbers chosen by non-upgraded users and pick a winner from them using


    • 2nd place will receive: An advertisement spot in my signature for 14 days, an invite to Demonoid and 5 reputation.


    • 3rd place will receive: An invite to Demonoid and 5 reputation.

    Entries will close once all 25 spots have been taken.
    I will then video myself finding the winners on

    Enjoy and Good Luck!


    Current entries:
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    #1 -
    #2 -
    #3 - Crayo
    #4 - wwerulesrkolover23
    #5 -
    #6 - Dr. Aids Johnson
    #7 - Coleminer
    #8 - Tchman58
    #9 - Stopspot
    #10 - Vince McMahon
    #11 -
    #12 - Pikapika
    #13 - Leo C
    #14 - Daniel Bryan!
    #15 -
    #16 - Saylor
    #17 - R'Albin
    #18 - Seabs
    #19 - Farooq
    #20 -
    #21 - Mandy Sanwich
    #22 -
    #23 - Thewindyfan
    #24 -
    #25 - acailler

  2. Taken. :otunga:
  3. Added everyone that has posted bar Booker T. Pick another number please.
  4. Added.


    Feel free to join: @[acailler] @[Big Hoss Rambler] @[CM Punk] @[ColeMiner] @[Crayo] @[Crayola] @[Dolph'sZiggler] @[JoeRulz] @[Jose Tortilla] @[Kyle] @[Mike.] @[Rainman] @[Sackfist] @[Seabs] @[Silky Johnson] @[The Rock*] @[wwerulesrkolover23] @[Xanth]

    Finally got to the end. :burns:
  5. 14 please! :yes:
  6. Number 4! :emoji_kissing_heart:*****
  7. BUMP

    Pick your numbers people!
  8. Thanks. :dawg:
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