Birthday on 25th June

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  1. It's my Birthday this time next week on June 25th, so to celebrate and give back to this awesome site for all it's gave me, I will be giving out some prizes.

    There will be a thread where you can post a number between 1 and 25.
    After all 25 entries, I will use to pick 3 numbers for the 3 winners.

    • 1st place will get: An invite to a premium wrestling torrent site, which has the fastest and best quality releases on the net - and 5 rep.

    • 2nd place will get: An advertising spot in my signature and an invite to Demonoid - and 5 rep.

    • 3rd place will get: An invite to Demonoid - and 5 rep.

    The thread will be posted on 24th June at 11:59pm :hardcore:

  2. Interested in that first spot. :otunga:
  3. Awesome! DO IT! :laugh:
  4. Do it broski
  5. 23. My bday is 5 days after

  6. Im getting dat 5 rep :win:
  7. What if i only want the rep :win:
  8. Going w/ 4! :emoji_wink:)) :emoji_kissing_heart:**
  9. Lol, guys, this isn't the thread for numbers.
    I'll create that thread at 11:59pm on 24th June :emoji_wink:
  10. @[Jonathan] Shouldn't you put some sort of limiter so people cannot pick the same number? Let's say you get number 12 but five people have all picked that number. Which one of them will then get the prize?
  11. I will have a list and the first people to post the number gets it.
  12. OHHH lol okay :-)
  13. Happy 11th birthday, buddy.
  14. Thanks :obama:
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    Happy Birthday bud. Hope you won't wank on your birthday
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