Bit of a mark out moment for me (Spoiler?)

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Crayo, Apr 23, 2013.

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  1. Not sure if this is from actual SD taping or some live event, but here:



    It's a shame Taker is on his way out, because Ambrose/Taker could have been so fantastic.
  2. SD! This Friday.
  3. Interesting feud, Ambrose/Undertaker would be very entertaining, and it's good to see them in singles action. Not that they aren't good as a group, but it's pretty good to see them go one on one with someone. Maybe we'll get more Shield/Taker matches for the next couple of weeks.
  4. Ambrose/Taker @WM30 21-1
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  5. One of the few I'd be fine with taking the streak. Not just because I mark for him, but because it makes sense, and would do wonders for Ambrose.
  6. 'Taker wrestling not only on RAW in a tag team match, but also wrestling a singles smackdown dark match against Dean Ambrose? Jesus.

    Guess you can add "respect and backing of The Undertaker" to the list of reasons on why Ambrose will be elevated straight to the top in the near future. I seriously hope the 'E doesn't screw him up. Also praying to god he doesn't break a wellness policy.
  7. Ambrose/Taker WM 30. Book it WWE. Sadly I think it'll be Cena/Taker. :why::pity:
  8. Whilst it's great to see Taker it's kind of sad in a way, it's seemingly definite he's on his final run now.
  9. lol seabs has feelings
  10. At least we can see them in the ring, that is a great move by WWE for the Marks
  11. Match is supposed to be 7-8 minutes.

    And judging by the dark events (after the taping ended) the Shields next opponents will be DX, triple H and the New age outlaws.

    As for Ambrose ending the streak making sense:.......How? I'm not hating on Ambrose I'm a fan but I don't see how him ending the streak makes sense.
  12. :sad: Don't go Taker... I'll miss you :cry:
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