Bitey McBiterson sold from Liverpool to Barce

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Jul 11, 2014.

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  1. I hear Ramos' are delicious this time of year.
  2. I think Barcelona is The wrong move for him I just can't see him fitting in with there style madrid would have been a much better move for him
  3. How will Liverpool invest with this money is my question, unless the money they have spent so far is because they knew he was leaving. He's had controversies but was a huge catalyst for Liverpool getting where they did, even showing captaincy potential vs Cardiff around Xmas i.e. Instructing young defenders (Flannagan) how and when in regards to making attacking runs, pretty considering the language barrier.

    I'm not a Liverpool fan myself but in many ways its a shame to see such a talented player leave the Premier League, but a bigger shame Suarez has to be such a massive moron.
  4. Totally missed that Barca's ban from the transfer market was lifted. So I spent a good while wondering how a team that cannot buy players bought a player that's banned from football.
  5. He'll score a ton of goals in that jobber league but will always be second fiddle to Messi. Fantastic player but a class A twatbag, not worth the bad publicity.
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  6. I agree. It can't be easy to make the decision to deal such a talented player, but I applaud Liverpool for not accommodating this maniac just because he is a goal scoring machine.

    He will be watched and scrutinized like crazy... any little thing he does will result in harsh punishment.
  7. Think their ban is lifted until Fifa have another hearing or something, which is after the transfer window is closed. I think that's the case anyway.
  8. @Zach what you make of this?
  9. Sad to see Suarez go as a Liverpool fan but it's what's best for the club and Suarez. Great player, seems lika s great guy outside of the pitch as well but on the pitch he's an utter twat. But loved to see him play for Liverpool. Also great to know that Liverpool have NOT spent anything from the money we get from selling Suarez so all 5 signings (pretty sure Origi and Markovic are done deals) do not affect other signings. Really hope we sign someone huge though.
  10. Not tooo phased, we will be fine without him.
  11. Bitecelona am I rite
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    He's like a mad dog on a leash. They're gonna have to put something on his mouth, so he doesn't bite.
  13. Barca branded muzzles?
  14. Nope. But they're gonna have to from now on. lol
  15. Sometimes I wonder if Suarez was one of the biters on The Walking Dead.
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