Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Idiot #1, Apr 18, 2014.

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  1. Alright lads, run this through your brainbox

    the amount of bitterness of this forum is getting out of hand. too many inscure people, who judge themselves, so judge others. why do people get so defensive when i dish out my home truths, no need to spit your dummy out, everything is open to interpretation

    let me tell ya something lads, the smartest people i know are all secure, they have crap jobs and unattratcive women, but they are smart enogu to be secure. all the carreer types i know are materialistic and dumb

    remember that lads
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  2. Home truth lad freshen up your stale gimmick.
  3. See what I mean

    Why do people think I am a gimmick? Alright lads, I do not watch Big Bang Theory or go on the net as much as you lot, but to dismiss me as a gimmick is ego-mancial
  4. Didnt you pretend to be in a porno?
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  5. He said he got told he looks like a pornstar (and he does).
  6. cheers lad

    why cant more posters be like you ah
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  7. they're too friverlous
  8. probably lad, probabaly
  9. Loving the audacity you have to spell the same word differently in one sentence. This is why I like you, you have balls.
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  10. spelling ah

    who gives a shiny shit
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  11. Do you have Skype lad?
  12. dont even know what that is lad

    is it like facebook, if so then no, i hate that bloody bollocks, give me the old blower anyday
  13. It's a program that lets you physically speak to someone on the internet. Get bored of all this reading/typing bollocks lad.
  14. Me having a opinion is ego manical? That makes two of us then.
  15. People think you are owning that gimmick because all your posts follow a format
    Even I have a gimmick. If I posted without foresight, it would sound a lot like BLFFL. Using punctuation and using cliff notes makes it readable for everyone
    Why does John Cena have a gimmick? Why do Presidents and the like wear suits while on camera?
    Bitterness? It's easy to read a post and find inconsistencies and point out fault in logic. Men, by and large, are creatures of logic and not feeling.

    If Crayo eliminated your avi and your username we'd all still know its you because you have a gimmick. I have a gimmick. BLFFL has a gimmick. Gimmicks create interest and they create traffic in forums like these. You're welcome
  16. It aint a show lad, this is proper business

    i am not hear for entertainment
  17. We should have a list of forum gimmicks.
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  18. Wait, what? You don't know what Skype is? lol. Where have you been all those years? Have you been living under a rock?
  19. not materialistic lad

    not on fb, and only recently learned to txt. still use VHS as well lad.

    facebook? whats the bloody point, i have got the old blower to use

    only use the net for wrestling news
  20. Do you have a job? I only ask because most jobs will require the use of computers to keep with your co-workers/peers/industry
    Not to be a d***, but if you refuse to use the net you may miss out on career opportunities because of stinginess
    If you're in school or trying to better your prospects, refusing to use the net won't get you very far... unless you have a storage room full of books and new editions

    Maybe you're a technophobe, which is fine. You strike me (by what you are projecting) as someone very isolated. I hope you find someone like-minded who doesn't mind living strictly on principle
    I apologize if I offend you, I do. It's just that it seems there is something behind all this that you aren't revealing, something darker. I hope I'm wrong and it isn't my business. Just an observation.
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