News BJ Cafe coming soon.

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Botchie, Aug 4, 2016.

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  1. Full article:
    This new cafe in London plans to sell you a BLOW JOB with every cup of coffee

    What's everyone's opinion on prostitution legal/illegal where do you stand? For all the British members, how do you feel about this?
  2. Better than starbucks cost the same
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  3. I am assuming this is satirical?

    If not, I really have no issue with it. I've been married to @Prince Bálor for over a year and that boy is SOOOO FUCKING FREAKY that this is pretty tame in comparison. If people want to pay for a blowjob, why should I care? I'm obsessive compulsive so I am really really particular about who or what touches certain extremities so I doubt I would partake but if other people want to, I really couldn't care less.
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  4. Can't wait to see what the coffee tastes like.
  5. I know there was a reason I loved you :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
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  6. Cum
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  7. Not my favorite, but a hint of it in my coffee is definitely something.
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  8. I can't see something like this lasting. Specially if they aren't testing people. You can get a large coffee with a nice case of syphilis only for a few pounds! What a deal!!
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