Black Busker holds his own against racist attackers in Glasgow

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  1. Saw this on reddit and wanted to post it here. It's pretty disgusting how this sort of racist abuse can still happen in such a public place, but it's inspirational in a weird way how well he handled it.
  2. He handled it well.

    We had a politician threaten to beat a comedian of middle eastern descents head in with an iron pipe after he was on a drunken bender (the politician) when running into him on a street in Stockholm back in 2012-2011. Shit went viral pretty quickly. Thing was completely unprovoked as well, just saw the dude on the street, grabbed an iron pipe and was gonna bash his head in.

    Not so surprising considering the dude was repping a racist political party. But still. Shame these kind of things can happen out in public.
  3. marking for that dude

    "I'm serious! I'm serious! Try me! I am very quick!"
  4. Lol he made that tall, skinny white bastard look like a retard several times. Nice.
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  5. "I'll bury you both into the ground!"
    Triple H if he was black
  6. Got to love the white trash.

    Besides from him mentioning previous occasions he's been provoked, it's obvious this isn't the first time it's happened to the busker considering how well he responded to the situation so fast, unless he's an amazing improviser.
  7. Well he made them two look a right pair of idiots.
  8. not that they need help to do that lol
  9. Very true but I just loved the skinny dude almost ending up on his arse at least twice. He wasn't joking he is pretty quick.
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