PWG Black Cole Sun 12/12/14 - Results & Spoilers

Discussion in 'Other Wrestling (US)' started by Prince Bálor, Dec 14, 2014.

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    - I cannot wait to watch this show, it's gonna be awesome!
  2. Every PWG show I watched this year was just uber-fantastic, this one seems to be up on that level, as well. Can't wait to watch the entire thing! So pumped up!
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  3. Holy shit, those were some amazing moves!
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  4. Yes, cannot wait to watch this show.
  5. Finished the first match. Absolute garbage.
    Fuck you AR Fox, fuck you ACH and fuck you Rich Swann by association.
    Taylor and Fish couldn't save that match.
  6. I'm about to watch it.

    Was it THAT bad?
  7. In my opinion: Yes.

    This match was very much that stigma that wrestling fans attaches to indy wrestling. No structure, no resemblance of kayfabe, little to no psychology and a whole bunch of flips.
  8. Guess I'll see it for myself.

    As a reference to your last sentence, I think it's because there are no storylines involved whatsoever, hence why there's really no structure/psychology, etc...
  9. No.

    Every match, storyline or no, needs structure and psychology. There needs to be a story, a red thread that binds the moves together, making them make sense. One guy needs to take on the role of antagonist while the other the role of protagonist. Otherwise it at least in my mind stops being a wrestling match, and starts being an athletic showcase.

    The Bucks have at least made their "indy athletic-ness" into their gimmick. They are athletic and arrogant dick heads who show off. and their matches have a red thread to follow.
  10. Nah, I get what you're saying.
    It's just that I don't look at it that way when it comes to PWG, it's not a weekly wrestling show, so I throw away the antagonist/protagonist roles some of these guys should have and just tune in to watch entertaining matches.
  11. How often a promotion runs doesn't mean you throw away what makes wrestling wrestling.
    Wrestling is about the story. It's about engaging a crowd and making them suspend disbelief. Neglecting that in favor of just doing moves is rather cheap, and a big reason in why WWE has everyone go through developmental, despite some guys they sign being 10 year pros. They want to be sure that the people they sign actually know how to connect with a crowd other than "look at how many ways I can possibly break my neck" ala AR Fox.

    Creating an in ring story and structure isn't hard, not even in the highly athletic style that PWG works. Lucha Underground does it, DDT does it.

    This is a fine example of what I am talking about. There is no storyline involved in the match. But they still establish a simple to follow in ring story of the veteran Nakajima running the rookie Aoyagi through the ropes, making the crowd develop a relation with both men and creating a reason for Aoyagi to make his comeback towards the end, to topple the veteran who has been beating down in him. It might not be as athletic or exciting as a PWG matcch, but they still stick to what makes wrestling work, which makes the match work.
  12. I see where you're coming from, but I guess we just have different perspectives (when it comes to PWG), but that's alright. To each his own.
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    I had a blast watching this splendid show!

    - ACH, AR Fox & Rich Swann vs Bobby Fish, Johnny Gargano & Chuck Taylor was alright, with some fine comedic stuff here and there.

    - Adam Cole vs Cedric Alexander was soooo freakin' good, enjoyed this one. Still bummed Cole will be out for another 4 or 5 months.

    - Chris Hero vs Trevor Lee was so brutal and it was another great contest I enjoyed. It was just bam from the get-go. Is it just me or did Hero look a bit lighter? But anyways, there was this moment where I LOL'd so hard, when Trevor was (deadlift) German Suplex-ing Hero, it looked like a humongous tree was falling down.

    - World's Cutest Tag Team vs The Addiction was just fun all the way through, enjoyed it!

    - Biff Busick vs Brian Cage vs Tommaso Ciampa vs Uhaa Nation was so freakin' awesome, it was a pure joy watching these four go at it.

    - Chris Sabin & Matt Sydal vs The Young Bucks was pretty darn good and fun to watch. Ahh, gotta love The Young Bucks!

    - Kyle O'Reilly vs Ricochet for the PWG World Championship was absolutely fantastic, my MOTN for sure.

    - Kyle O'Reilly vs Roderick Strong for the PWG World Championship in a Guerilla Warfare was an absolute beast, such a brutal match. Loved every bit of it. MOTN #2 for me.
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