Black People Feeling Left Out Of The Oscars... What?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by The GOAT, Jan 21, 2016.

  1. It's controversy (not really) time again:

    Only White Actors Were Nominated For Oscars And People Are Understandably Pissed

    (Would have also posted the tweets that several people made in response to this, but I'm still clueless as to how you copy and paste a tweet. But you can always click on the link I provided if you want to read them.)

    The irony of those pulling out the race card with this is that if the roles were reversed and you had a bunch of people asking, "Where the white people at?", those folks would be the ones that were considered 'racist.' I didn't watch many films from last year, so I don't know whether or not there's any strong performances from black actors/actresses that are being ignored, but there's no cosmic rule in the universe that says the top selected nominees have to be racially diverse.
  2. Black people need to get the fuck over it they're already better at Music and Sports.
  3. Black actors get good roles, lead roles in major films, compare that to Asian and Latino actors on US films. Race card nonsense at its finest.
  4. The Oscars are a big Hollywood circle jerk. Hollywood is filled with evil scum. At the end of the day it really doesn't mean anything. If you want to get roweled up about a good ol boys club having a negative impact on society lets tackle American politics not the fucking movie industry. Oh no, Will Smith didn't get nominated for his shitty accent in Concussion! I hope the sun still rises tomorrow!

    Maybe the Academy is punishing Will Smith for trying to push his little hermaphroditic offspring on us all?
  5. Blacks are always crying about something. Nothing new.
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  6. Will and Jada are as ignorant as their fucking kids. He did an accent in his movie so he deserves an Oscar, fuck out of here. He made his millions, so what if he doesn't even get a chance to win a statue.
  7. Who gives a dying moose's last shit
  8. Lel, I guess performance and quality are not important anymore, everyone should get a trophy because feelings. Look, I'll try to say this as carefully as I can, but many blacks have a major problem due to the way they're raised, always playing the victim card and blaming white devils for everything. Their sense of entitlement is off the charts. Meanwhile the millions of black people are still slaves in Africa, mostly owned by Muslims.
  9. who cares goddamn rich bastards.
  10. by this I mean the actors/actresses. "Oh, I didn't get an award with the millions of dollars in this movie?!?"
    Who cares.
  11. Rich people crying over attention is something I don't pay attention to.
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  12. The sad thing is that you're practically guarantee to see blacks getting nominated for an award next year regardless of whether any of them are deserving or not. Wouldn't be surprised to even see one of them win for best actor/actress either, just to completely quell the butt-hurt.

    Not that I should care, I haven't paid any real attention to the Oscars since the year Scorsese and The Departed won, but this sort of thing grinds my gears. Same shit with $$$$ Mayweather trying to claim that the reason he gets hate for doing the same things Conor and Rousey get praised for (cockiness, trash talk, etc.) is due to racial prejudice. Imagine that - a guy who made nearly a billion dollars (if not more) in a sport where the overwhelming majority of its biggest stars are black crying about racism.
  13. This.
  14. Ice Cube's take on this "controversy"..

    Ice Cube is the fucking man!
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  15. I came into this thread and was going to post "only deth posting in this thread will make it worth it". Knew this thread would attract you.
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