Black vs Black

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by catlady, Aug 15, 2013.

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  1. I agree 1000000% with this dude.
  2. Because maybe he's called Tom and they have a nephew?
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  3. Yeah, I always find it hilarious how successful black men who aren't the typical "ghetto" type get shit on by fellow black men.
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    Hood mentality. Most of the people that grew up (or are close to people that grew up) around the Black Panther Party still (mostly subconsciously) follow the concept of the "White-Devil©" and view any Successful Black-Man™ as a sell-out for letting his guard down and turning himself back into a slave to the industry.

    Most of it is saturated by now, but it still exists in a smaller sense and most youth take on the attitude of their elders. Peer pressure and envy plays a huge part in it, too.
  5. It is truly sad. If you want to be a successful black man or woman, you are a retard and a sell out and a pussy but if you want to sell crack, spread aids and live off of welfare you are a hero. I never can and never will understand that.
  6. That makes sense. It is still around. There are blacks only churches in the heart of every ghetto where they preach about whites being devils. When I see black boys and girls actually graduating and going to college and actually wanting to have a good life it makes me happy. Yet there are so few who do it or want it. When I was in high school I had a black friend and I am not even going to try to spell out her name but she wore nothing but long skirts to school, never swore, never looked hood rat-ish. I always admired her because she wanted to be a well raised woman not like so many of the other black girls in school. I essentially hung out with the two whitest black girls in the school because they were real, honest and didn't care how other blacks viewed them. I mean the same can be said about white trash... There is a lot of that as well. They just don't want to better themselves and they never do.
  7. And I don't want people to get the wrong idea... I am not racist.. I am just sick of people playing stereotypical lifestyles. I admire Dat Chocolate From Jersey for not being how every rap video says he should be.
  8. Watchu talkin' bout gurl? Niggas stay icey out herrr om da block!
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  9. Brita and Big Show?
  10. :pity:
  11. Only if I am Sexual Chocolate :ksi:
  12. I was referring to the classic #RacistBigShow :jeritroll:
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  13. :willis:
  14. He's racist? :shock:
  15. :jeritroll:
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  16. :why:
  17. :hahahaha: :haha: lawl
  18. Being someone who is mixed, this song sums up my feelings on this video

  19. :haha:
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